Welcome, hunters! Are you on the hunt for the perfect hunting jacket? Look no further! We have spent countless hours researching the best hunting jackets available in 2023 and are here to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed purchase. Whether you’re a novice or experienced hunter, we’ll help you find the perfect jacket to keep you warm and comfortable while out in the field. Read on to learn more about the features, benefits, and prices of our top picks so you can make the best decision for your needs!

1. Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket1. Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket- 20.5 micron superfine Merino-X fabric
- 300gsm midweight interlock merino fabric
- Body mapped insulation through chest and upper arms
- 60g 37.5 insulation blocks wind and promotes breathability
- Back insulation stays warm whether dry or wet
- Exclusive 37.5 Active Particle Technology helps maintain optimal body temperature
- Zippered chest stash pocket
- Ergonomic hood
- Full zip front
- Covered by First Lite's Warranty
- Actual weight of 20oz (size large)
2. Sitka Fanatic Jacket2. Sitka Fanatic Jacket- Fully featured late-season hunting jacket
- Windstopper Technology for protection against cold winds
- Diagonal-zip design and pass-through hand muff lined in Berber fleece
- Functional pockets for rangefinder and grunt tube
- Constant-connect Sitka safety harness port for easy donning and doffing
- Science of Sound for ultra-quiet movement
- GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER technology for enhanced insulation
- PrimaLoft Silver Hi-Loft Ultra insulation for extreme cold weather
3. HARDSCRABBLE Jacket3. HARDSCRABBLE Jacket- Comfort and Mobility
- Attention to Detail
- Durable YKK zippers
- Water resistant Teflon shield
- Large zipper pull tabs
- Adjustable storm hood
- Dual adjustable waist cord locks
- Chest and hand pockets
- MTN-X2 Soft Shell fabric exterior
- Microfleece interior
- Excellent breathability with dual ventilation pit zippers
- Exceptional wind resistance
- Designed for hunters by hunters
- Feature Driven
- MTN-X2 Face Fabric Bonded with Microfleece
- Teflon Shield+DWR
- Anatomical fit
- Machine washable
- Water resistant
- Breathable
- Wind resistant
- Packable
- Lifetime warranty
- Available in MTN stealth and Summit Patterns as well as solid grey
- Ideal for early, mid, and late season hunting, western big game, whitetail, turkey, waterfowl, shed hunting, hiking, camping, and backpacking
4. Carhartt Stormy Woods Jacket4. Carhartt Stormy Woods Jacket- 2.8-ounce, 100 percent polyester shell
- 2.5 layer membrane with storm defender waterproof breathable technology and rain defender durable water repellent
- 10K/10K waterproof breathable protection rating
- Fully taped waterproof seams
- Waterproof zippers on center-front and chest pocket


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Top 4 Hunting Jackets in the market for 2023 with reviews

As an avid hunter, you understand the need for the right gear to take on the great outdoors. Whether you’re tracking game in remote locations or tackling the elements, having the right hunting jacket is essential. To help you find the perfect jacket for your next hunt, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best hunting jackets on the market for 2023. From Sawtooth Hybrid Jackets to HARDSCRABBLE Jackets, we’ve got everything you need to stay warm and comfortable in any environment. Read on to learn more about the features that each jacket offers and decide which one is right for you!

1. Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket

1. Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket

The Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket from First Lite is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a durable, versatile jacket that can keep them warm in any weather condition. This jacket is made from 19.5 micron Superfine 100% Merino wool and features a 300gsm midweight interlock Merino fabric construction that is designed to provide superior insulation and comfort. The body mapping insulation through the chest and upper arms utilizes 60g 37.5 insulation to block out wind and promote breathability throughout the back when wearing a pack. Additionally, this jacket includes exclusive 37.5 Active Particle Technology which helps maintain optimal core body temperature while staying warm even when wet.

The Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket also features a full zip front with an ergonomic hood, as well as a zippered chest stash pocket for added convenience. This jacket is available in men's sizes SM, MD, LG, XL and XXL, with an actual weight of 20oz (Size Large). It comes with First Lite's warranty so you can be sure of its quality and durability. Whether you're looking for an everyday jacket or something to wear over or under other layers on outdoor adventures, the Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket has you covered!


  • Worth every cent
  • Amazing company
  • Amazing hunting gear
  • True to size
  • Life time piece
  • Very warm


  • Poor stitching on cuff and tight around back of neck and shoulders
  • Quality not as expected for the price
  • Not covered under warranty
  • Smaller than expected size

2. Sitka Fanatic Jacket

2. Sitka Fanatic Jacket

The Sitka Fanatic Jacket is the perfect choice for late-season hunting conditions. It offers Windstopper Technology which provides protection from cold winds while remaining ultra-silent. The innovative design features a diagonal-zip closure and pass-through hand muff lined in Berber fleece for extra warmth. Functional pockets for a rangefinder and grunt tube are conveniently located on either side of the zipper, making them easily accessible.

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In addition to its great design, the jacket also features a Constant-Connect Sitka Safety Harness Port which simplifies donning and doffing the jacket while secured to a torso-mounted harness tether. This eliminates the need to disconnect from your harness when adding or subtracting layers.

The Fanatic Jacket also offers Science of Sound technology which allows hunters to move with more confidence by cutting the audible engagement distance in half. This is achieved through an enhanced high-loft Berber fleece face which silences the new and ultra-quiet GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER technology. PrimaLoft Silver Hi-Loft Ultra insulation is also included for those colder days in the stand.

Overall, the Sitka Fanatic Jacket is an ideal choice for late season hunts due to its advanced design and technologies that provide comfort, protection, and sound reduction.


  • Well designed and manufactured, providing warmth and comfort
  • Windproof and quiet
  • Unique zipper design, angled from right shoulder to left hip and built in hand muff type front pocket
  • Allows for thinner gloves, making it easier to use a release when bowhunting
  • Keeps the wearer warm even in extremely cold temperatures
  • Can layer underneath for extra warmth
  • Good fit even for larger sizes


  • Pricey compared to other hunting jackets
  • May be too warm during afternoon hunts
  • Sizing may run small, requiring a size up for base layer room



The Hardscrabble Jacket is the ultimate outdoor apparel for any serious hunter or outdoor enthusiast. This jacket is designed to provide superior protection from the elements while still allowing for a full range of motion and comfort. The exterior features our proprietary MTN-X2 Soft Shell fabric, which is carefully bonded to a microfleece interior for added warmth and breathability. This jacket also features a water resistant Teflon shield, adjustable storm hood, dual adjustable waist cord locks, chest and hand pockets, and large zipper pull tabs.

The Hardscrabble Jacket is perfect for early, mid, and late season western big game hunting as well as whitetail hunting, turkey hunting, waterfowl hunting, shed hunting, hiking, camping and backpacking. It's machine washable and comes with a lifetime warranty. Available in MTN stealth and Summit Patterns as well as solid grey colors.

Our Hardscrabble series provides superior insulation without sacrificing range of motion or comfort. It's ultra quiet fabric makes it great for stalking game without making noise that can scare away your prey. The multi-directional stretch ensures you won't be hindered when it matters most. With attention to detail like durable YKK zippers and breathable wind resistance this jacket will exceed expectations of any serious hunter or outdoorsman.

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For ultimate protection from the elements while still allowing for full range of motion and comfort the Hardscrabble Jacket is the perfect choice!


  • Warm material
  • Pockets and vents provide great functionality
  • Comfortable fit


  • None identified

4. Carhartt Stormy Woods Jacket

4. Carhartt Stormy Woods Jacket

The Carhartt Stormy Woods Jacket is the perfect choice for anyone who needs reliable protection from the elements while out hunting or enjoying other outdoor activities. This jacket is made from a 2.8-ounce, 100 percent polyester shell and features a 2.5 layer membrane with Storm Defender waterproof breathable technology that stops water but allows sweat to escape. It also has a 10K/10K waterproof breathable protection rating and fully taped waterproof seams to keep you dry in even the wettest conditions. The jacket also features adjustable cuffs, a two-way volume adjustable hood with draw cord, drop-tail hem with adjustable draw cord on bottom hem, and waterproof zippers on center-front and chest pocket. Plus, it's packable into its own lower front pocket so you can easily carry it around when not in use. Whether you're out on a hunt or just want reliable protection from the elements, this Carhartt Stormy Woods Jacket is sure to keep you dry and comfortable in any weather conditions.


  • Super thin and lightweight, making it great for layering.
  • Can easily be tucked away in a bag or coat pocket.


  • No hood, making it not suitable for wet weather.
  • May be used and of lower quality compared to buying from the manufacturer directly.

Hunting Jacket Buying Guide - Everything You Need to Know

Hunting Jackets have a long and fascinating history that dates back to the early days of hunting. In the past, hunters used simple jackets made of animal hides to keep themselves warm and protected from the elements. But as hunting became more popular and began to require more specialized equipment, Hunting Jackets evolved to meet the needs of hunters.

Over time, Hunting Jackets have become more advanced and are now made of high-tech materials that provide superior protection from wind, rain, and cold temperatures. They are designed to be lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant, making them perfect for long hunts in challenging outdoor environments.

One of the key benefits of using a Hunting Jacket is that it can improve the user's quality of life by providing them with important features such as warmth, protection, and comfort. A good Hunting Jacket can help to regulate the user's body temperature by keeping them warm when they need it and allowing them to cool down when necessary. This can help to prevent the user from becoming too hot or too cold, which can lead to discomfort and even dangerous health conditions such as hypothermia.

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Another advantage of using a Hunting Jacket is that it can help to improve the user's hunting performance by providing them with the necessary tools and storage space to carry out their tasks effectively. Hunting Jackets often feature specialized pockets and compartments for carrying hunting gear such as ammunition, rangefinders, and other essential hunting equipment.

In summary, Hunting Jackets have come a long way over the years, offering many significant benefits to users. They are designed to be durable, lightweight, and perform well in a wide range of outdoor conditions. By using a Hunting Jacket, hunters can stay comfortable, protected, and better prepared to tackle their next hunting expedition.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Hunting Jacket

1. Waterproof coating: A hunting jacket must have a waterproof coating to protect the user from the rain, snow and other environmental elements. A good waterproof membrane will prevent moisture from entering the jacket, keeping the user dry and comfortable in wet or damp conditions.

2. Insulation: A hunting jacket should have proper insulation material to insulate the body, especially in cold weather conditions. A good insulation system will help the user to stay warm and prevent hypothermia.

3. Breathability: Hunting jackets should have proper ventilation to allow sweat to escape and evaporate. This feature is crucial for preventing the user from getting wet and cold from sweating while being active.

4. Camouflage design: Hunting jackets should have a camouflage design to blend the user into the surrounding environment. Camouflage helps to avoid detection and conceal the user from game or predators.

5. Pockets: Hunting jackets should have sufficient pockets for storing necessary items like hunting gear, personal items, and ammunition. Easy access to the pockets is essential for quick retrieval.

6. Durable and lightweight fabric: Hunting jackets should be made of durable and lightweight fabrics. A durable, tough fabric is necessary when facing rough terrains and thorns, while lightweight fabric allows the user to move more freely and stealthily.

All of these features are critical to a hunting jacket's performance and user satisfaction, especially when confronted with challenging and unpredictable environmental and weather elements. Proper insulation and breathability provide comfort and safety, while waterproof coating and durable fabrics ensure the long-term durability and functionality of the jacket. Well-designed camouflage patterns and practical pockets enable a successful hunting experience. The interplay of these features provides the optimal hunting experience, making the hunting jacket selection a crucial consideration for any hunting enthusiast.

Understanding Different Hunting Jacket Price Ranges: A Guide for Hunters

Hunting Jackets come in a variety of price ranges, with different features and quality levels. When considering purchasing a Hunting Jacket, it is essential to have an idea of your budget and to understand the different price ranges available.

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Low-End Hunting Jacket: Hunting Jackets in the low-end price range typically range from $30-$50. These jackets are suitable for short hunting trips, however, they offer limited protection against harsh elements. Low-end Hunting Jackets are generally made of lightweight materials and do not provide insulation, which could be problematic during cold weather. Hunting jackets in this price range are suitable for occasional hunters or those with smaller budgets.

Mid-Range Hunting Jacket: Hunting Jackets in the mid-price range are usually priced between $50-$150. At this price point, you will find sturdy and durable jackets that offer better protection against weather elements. These jackets come with additional features such as pockets, insulation, and adjustable cuffs. Mid-range hunting jackets are good for frequent hunters who go on short weekend trips.

High-End Hunting Jacket: Hunting Jackets in the high-end price range start at $150 and can go up to $500 or more. These premium-quality jackets offer advanced features like waterproof and windproof characteristics, insulation, multiple pockets, and adjustable hoods. High-end Hunting Jackets offer more protection, comfort, and durability for hunters who venture out in challenging weather conditions.

To find the best deals and discounts, you should compare prices from various retailers, including online stores. Check the website of the manufacturers for discount coupons, and follow Hunting Jacket brands on social media channels to find out about flash sales or clearance deals.

While considering price ranges, the user should also focus on the product's quality, comfort, and functionality. Opting for a cheaper hunting jacket may not be the best option if it sacrifices quality, comfort, and functionality. So it is essential to choose the hunting jacket that fits both the budget and the user's requirements.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Hunting Jacket

Choosing the right hunting jacket is important to ensure comfort and protection during outdoor activities. Here are some important factors to consider when selecting a hunting jacket:

1. Size: Choose a jacket that fits you perfectly so you can move around without any restrictions. A jacket that is too tight will restrict your movements while a jacket that is too loose will leave gaps for cold air to seep in.

2. Compatibility: Consider the season in which you will be hunting and choose a jacket that is compatible with the situation. For example, if you are hunting in a warm climate, a lightweight jacket with ventilation may be more appropriate. On the other hand, if you are hunting in a cold environment, a jacket with insulation and wind resistance is a must.

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3. Durability: Hunting jackets are exposed to harsh outdoor elements and need to be built to last. Look for jackets made from durable materials that can withstand rigorous outdoor activities, such as hunting pants, brush or thorn resistance, and waterproof or water-resistant jackets.

4. Functionality: The jacket must satisfy its intended purpose, ie hunting. Look for features that improve the functionality of the jacket, e.g. extra pockets for storage, quiet materials that do not make noise in brush or tall grass, scent-blocking technology to help you remain undetected by animals.

5. Safety: Some hunting jackets come in bright, high-visibility colors to help the wearer remain visible to other hunters while in camouflage. Consider safety-oriented features such as blaze orange accents, especially if you are hunting in an area where it is required by law.

For example, if you are planning on elk hunting, you will need a jacket that is warm and has some insulation, but also allows for airflow during exertion so that you aren’t drenched and freezing with sweat after a long hike. If you're bowhunting in the early season, a lightweight, breathable jacket that won't get in the way of your draw will be more appropriate.

In summary, when choosing a hunting jacket, you should consider the size, compatibility, durability, functionality, and safety of the jacket to ensure maximum comfort, protection, and success.

Types of Hunting Jackets and Alternatives for Different Weather Conditions

There are several types of Hunting Jackets available in the market. Some of them are:

1. Insulated Hunting Jacket: These jackets are designed to provide warmth during cold weather conditions. They are usually made of synthetic materials such as polyester, and often have extra layers of insulation to keep you warm.

2. Waterproof Hunting Jacket: These jackets are designed to protect you from rain and other wet conditions. They are often made of breathable fabrics such as Gore-Tex and have waterproof zippers and pockets.

3. Camouflage Hunting Jacket: These jackets are designed to provide camouflage in the woods or fields. They are usually covered in a camouflage pattern, and sometimes have additional features such as scent-blocking technology.

4. Softshell Hunting Jacket: These jackets are designed to provide comfort and flexibility during hunting. They are made of stretchy and breathable materials that allow you to move freely.

If you are looking for an alternative to Hunting Jackets, there are also several other options available on the market such as:

1. Hunting Vests: These provide an additional layer of insulation and often have ammo pockets.

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2. Rain Ponchos: These are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for trips that are prone to vary in conditions throughout the day.

3. Hoodies: These are less expensive than jackets and can also provide some level of warmth while hunting. They do not however provide the additional protection and practicality of a hunting jacket.

4. Flannel shirts: These can be worn for warmth and can provide camouflage to some extent. They are also a great option for a comfortable outside layer.

When considering which type of jacket is better suited for you, think about the weather and temperature conditions you will be facing. An insulated hunting jacket is best for cold weather, while a waterproof hunting jacket is ideal for rainy conditions. Camouflage hunting jackets are great for blending into the environment, and softshell hunting jackets provide flexibility and comfort. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference, environment and the type of hunting that you will be doing.

Top Hunting Jacket Stores: Where to Shop for Your Ideal Jacket

When it comes to shopping for hunting jackets, there are many reputable online and offline stores to choose from. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Bass Pro Shops - Bass Pro Shops is a popular outdoor retailer known for their hunting and fishing gear. They have physical stores across the United States, as well as an online store. Their selection of hunting jackets includes options for men, women, and children. Customers can typically find jackets in a variety of styles and price ranges. Bass Pro Shops offers a 60-day hassle-free return policy for in-store and online purchases.

2. Cabela's - Like Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's is an outdoor retailer with both physical stores and an online store. They offer a large selection of hunting jackets for men, women, and children. Prices vary depending on the style and brand, but there are typically options available for a range of budgets. Cabela's offers a 90-day return policy for in-store and online purchases.

3. REI - REI is an outdoor retailer that specializes in gear for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. They have physical stores across the United States, as well as an online store. While they may not carry as extensive of a selection for hunting-specific jackets, they do offer a variety of general outdoor jackets that could work for hunting as well. REI offers a generous return policy, including a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When shopping for hunting jackets, it can be helpful to keep the following tips in mind to avoid scams and ensure you're getting the best value for your money:

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1. Research the brand and product before making a purchase. Look for reviews from other customers to see if they've had positive experiences with the product.

2. Consider the features you need in a hunting jacket, such as waterproofing, insulation, and camouflage patterns. Make sure the jacket you choose has the features that will best suit your needs.

3. Be aware of pricing and compare prices across different retailers. If a deal seems too good to be true, it may be a sign of a scam or fake product.

4. Check return policies before making a purchase. Make sure you're comfortable with the retailer's return policy, in case the jacket is not what you expected or doesn't fit properly.

Conclusion on Choosing the Right Hunting Jacket

When looking for a hunting jacket, it is important to consider a few key factors. First, you should think about the type of hunting you will be doing and the climate in which you will be hunting. This will help you determine the level of insulation that you need, as well as the materials that your jacket should be made from. You should also think about the features that are most important to you, such as pockets, hoods, and waterproofing.

To choose the best hunting jacket for your individual needs, take the time to research different products and read reviews from other hunters. It can also be helpful to try on different jackets in person to see how they fit and feel.

Ultimately, the best hunting jacket for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Some high-quality hunting jacket brands include top-of-the-line insulation and waterproofing materials, adjustable hoods and cuffs, and a variety of pockets for storing gear. It is recommended to purchase a hunting jacket from a reputable brand that specializes in outdoor gear and hunting apparel.

Remember that a great hunting jacket is an investment in your comfort and safety while in the field, so it is important to choose a product that meets your needs and will last for many hunting seasons to come.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

1) What should I look for in a hunting jacket?
A: The important factors to consider when choosing a hunting jacket include the material, insulation, size, weight, noise level, and camouflaging ability of the jacket.

2) What materials are commonly used in hunting jackets?
A: Hunting jackets are typically made from materials that are durable, breathable, and water-resistant. Some common materials include polyester, cotton, wool, and nylon.

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3) Do I need a waterproof hunting jacket?
A: It's a good idea to choose a jacket that is at least water-resistant since weather conditions can be unpredictable during hunting trips. However, whether you need a completely waterproof jacket depends on your hunting environment and personal preference.

4) How important is camouflaging ability in a hunting jacket?
A: Camouflaging ability is essential for hunting jackets as it helps hunters blend into their environment and avoid detection by their prey. It is recommended to choose a jacket with camouflaging ability that matches the hunting environment to ensure optimal hunting success.

5) Can I wear a regular jacket for hunting?
A: While it may be tempting to wear a regular jacket for hunting, it is not recommended. Regular jackets lack the necessary insulation, durability, and camouflaging ability needed for hunting trips. It is best to invest in a hunting-specific jacket for your comfort and success.

6) Should I go for a lightweight or heavy jacket?
A: The weight of a hunting jacket depends on the hunting environment and personal preference. A lightweight jacket is suitable for early season hunting trips, whereas a heavy jacket is appropriate for colder weather conditions. Opt for a jacket that is lightweight enough to move freely around the hunting area but heavy enough to keep you warm.

7) Is it necessary to have a pocket in a hunting jacket?
A: A pocket can be a useful feature in a hunting jacket. It provides storage space for essential hunting gear such as spare ammunition or a hunting knife. However, whether you require a pocket in a hunting jacket depends on your hunting needs and personal preference.

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