Welcome archery enthusiasts! If you are looking for the perfect longbow to take your archery game to the next level, then you’ve come to the right place. In this buying guide, we’ll review the top-rated longbows on the market for 2023. We’ll take a deep dive into the features and specs of each bow, as well as provide tips and tricks for choosing the best longbow for your needs. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a recreational enthusiast, this guide will give you all the information you need to choose the perfect longbow for your style of shooting. So, if you’re ready to learn more about longbows, let’s get started!

1. Bear Montana Long Bow1. Bear Montana Long Bow- White maple limbs, backed and faced with high-strength fiberglass
- Leather "shoot off the shelf" arrow rest
- Supple leather grip and sideplate
- Dynaflight 97 Flemish Twist String
- Tips handcrafted and layered with black and white fiberglass
2. SinoArt 602. SinoArt 60" Longbow- Designed for right-handed shooters
- Limbs made of bamboo core for toughness and power
- Ergonomically designed with rounded edges and comfortable wooden handle
- Takedown feature allows for changing limb weight
- Recommended use with real feather arrows
- Complete package includes riser, bow limbs, bow string, bow stringer, fur rest pad, string nocks, and string silencer.
3. PSE Oryx Longbow3. PSE Oryx Longbow- Length: 68"
- Brace height: 7-1/2" – 7-3/4"
- Weights at 28" Draw (30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 LBS)
- Suitable for beginners, pre-teens and adult shooters
- Offers great accuracy and speed along with fine curves to help point long-distance targets
- Everything needed for a thrilling hunting experience
- Can be used by left and right hand shooters
- Crafted from selected woods and variety of materials
- An affordable wooden longbow
- Made in the USA
- A traditional bow for a good hunting experience
4. SAS Pioneer Longbow4. SAS Pioneer Longbow- Riser is made of Makore Wood and Cassia Siamea
- Strong fiberglass limb Made of Maple laminations
- Great Shape and Stablity
- Length: 68 in
- Right Or left hand only
- Protect your bow with SAS Longbow Padded Bag: B01JT0QJ1U


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Top 4 Longbows in the market for 2023 with reviews

Welcome to the ultimate Longbow buying guide! We’ve done the hard work for you, combing through the best Longbow products on the market to bring you the cream of the crop. Whether you’re an experienced archer looking for an upgrade, or a novice who’s just getting started, we have the perfect Longbow for you. In this article, we will review four of the top Longbows available in 2023. From Bear Montana to PSE Oryx, we’ve got you covered. So grab your quiver and arrow and let’s dive into the world of Longbows!

1. Bear Montana Long Bow

1. Bear Montana Long Bow

The Bear Montana Longbow is a high-performance bow designed for serious archers. It is crafted with a slightly reflexed design and tapered limb lamination, giving it an edge over other bows in terms of accuracy and power. The riser is made from black Dymondwood, which is both lightweight and durable, while the leather "shoot-off-the-shelf" arrow rest ensures clean arrow flight. The limbs are overlaid with clear white maple, backed and faced with high strength black fiberglass, while the tips are handcrafted with layered black and white fiberglass. This 64" AMO length bow comes with a Dynaflight 97 Flemish string for improved accuracy and consistency.

This bow has a draw weight of 35lbs to 60lbs and features an ergonomic leather grip for maximum comfort during use. Its sleek design also makes it perfect for hunting or target shooting, as it allows you to move quickly without compromising on accuracy or power. The Bear Montana Longbow is an ideal choice for experienced archers looking for a reliable bow that will perform consistently in any situation.


  • Smooth and accurate shooting for a great Robin Hood experience
  • Beautiful design with modern craft to make it more durable and useful
  • Narrow limbs are very forgiving and don't tweak left or right if the release is a bit off
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to shoot for long periods of time
  • Comes out of the box ready to shoot with the proper brace height already in spec
  • Amazing accuracy and feel


  • Handle wrapping is made of thin black foam sheet that may feel a bit cheesy
  • Included strings may not be of high quality
  • Weight can be slightly heavier than expected
  • May require additional improvements to make it up to expectations

2. SinoArt 60" Longbow

2. SinoArt 60" Longbow

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The SinoArt 60" Longbow is perfect for the beginner or experienced archer. This bow is crafted with a wood laminated riser and bamboo core limbs, providing an impressive combination of toughness and power. The ergonomically designed handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the rounded edges provide an aesthetically pleasing look.

This takedown bow has a draw weight of 30-60lbs, making it suitable for both novice and expert shooters alike. The AMO length is 60", while the brace height ranges from 6.5"-8". The string length is 57" and the bow weighs 2.2lbs, making it easy to carry in the field.

The package includes all necessary components for shooting: 1x Wood Riser, 2x Limbs, 1x 16 Strands String, 1x Stringer, 1x Fur Rest Pad, 2x String Nocks and a pair of otter string silencers. With this set up you are ready to start shooting right away! Whether you are looking to practice your form or take down big game animals, this longbow will help you reach your goals.

For best performance we recommend using real feather arrows with this bow as they will provide superior accuracy and stability in flight compared to other types of arrows. With proper care and maintenance this bow can last for years to come!


  • Affordable price point, making it accessible to new archers
  • Very good quality considering the price point
  • Versatile, with the option to buy different poundage limbs for different levels of difficulty
  • Comes with accessories such as a leather stringer, armguard, and sight
  • Capable of producing tight groupings at 20 yards when used by an experienced archer
  • Unforgiving, making it effective for honing archery form and technique
  • Easy to assemble and use with limited instruction


  • Instructions can be misleading at times, leading to incorrect stringing of the bow
  • Bolts may require fidgeting in order to attach the limbs to the riser securely
  • Not suitable for novice archers who may struggle with heavier draw weights or proper form
  • Not suitable for shooting veined arrows, which can be ripped off or cause personal injury if strung incorrectly

3. PSE Oryx Longbow

3. PSE Oryx Longbow

The PSE Oryx Longbow is the perfect choice for both beginner and experienced archers alike. This traditional bow measures 68" in length and features a brace height of 7-1/2” to 7-3/4”, making it easy to shoot with great accuracy and speed. It is also available in draw weights ranging from 30 to 55lbs, so you can choose the best option for your skill level.

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The Oryx longbow is crafted from carefully selected woods which provide strength and durability, as well as a beautiful aesthetic. It is suitable for both left and right-handed shooters, making it accessible to everyone regardless of their dominant hand. The traditional design also makes it easier to manage when aiming at long-distance targets.

Whether you're looking for an affordable way to get into archery or just want a reliable hunting bow that will last you for years to come, the PSE Oryx Longbow has everything you need. With its easy-to-shoot design and classic look, this bow will quickly become an essential part of your archery arsenal.


  • The product is trusted by other users, as indicated by the second review.
  • It has a good reputation in terms of accuracy and quality.
  • It is safe to use, as the first review indicates that it has been modified to prevent any accidents.


  • The product may be difficult to use for beginners, as the last image appears to be photoshopped and incorrectly shows how to use it.
  • The product may not be as reliable if it is purchased from an untrustworthy seller, as indicated by the first review.
  • The product may not be suitable for all purposes, as indicated by the second review.

4. SAS Pioneer Longbow

4. SAS Pioneer Longbow

The SAS Pioneer Longbow is an excellent choice for any experienced archer looking to take their game to the next level. This bow has a beautiful makore wood and cassia siamea riser that provides an elegant aesthetic and superior strength. The limbs are made of maple laminations, providing great shape and stability. At 68 inches, this longbow is perfect for target shooting or hunting.

The SAS Pioneer Longbow is designed with accuracy in mind; its design ensures that arrows fly straight and true, allowing you to make precise shots with ease. It also features a comfortable grip that allows you to maintain control while shooting. Additionally, this bow has a low draw weight, so it's easy to pull back without putting too much strain on your body.

To ensure your longbow stays safe during transport, we recommend purchasing the SAS Longbow Padded Bag (B01JT0QJ1U). This bag is designed specifically for this bow and will keep it protected from bumps and scratches during travel.

Overall, the SAS Pioneer Longbow is an excellent choice for any experienced archer looking for a reliable bow that can provide consistent performance over time. With its strong construction and accurate design, this longbow is sure to help you reach your goals!

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  • Well made for its price point
  • Arrow rest strip of fur included
  • Nice looking leather hand grip
  • Smooth shooting, accurate, and comfortable
  • Nocks require no sanding
  • Good quality for the price
  • Shoots accurately and consistently
  • Can be tuned with wooden arrows
  • Good performance for the design and draw weight
  • Flat bow design
  • Grip covering can be reduced with thin suede wrap
  • No problems when shooting


  • Finishing issues on the string grooves
  • Leather handle either degraded or had tape/glue applied to it prior to leather, which is hard to remove
  • String not included
  • Grip covering may slide around when shooting
  • Brace height is high with provided string
  • Grip is large compared to other bows
  • White brand decal on the black front of the bow is big and obtrusive
  • Bow is long and not ideal for hunting

Longbow Buying Guide - Everything You Need to Know

Longbows have been used as weapons and hunting tools for over 10,000 years. These bows were originally made from a single piece of wood, and their basic design remained unchanged for centuries. However, as warfare evolved, the longbow also underwent a series of changes to meet the needs of the military.

During the Middle Ages, the longbow became the primary weapon used by English armies. These bows were made from yew wood and could shoot arrows over 250 yards. The longbow was devastatingly effective in battle and allowed archers to take down heavily armored knights at great distances.

By the 16th century, longbows had been surpassed by firearms, and they fell out of use in military contexts. However, they continued to be used as hunting tools, and their design continued to evolve. New materials were used, including composite materials and laminates, which made longbows stronger, more durable, and more accurate.

Today, longbows are still used for hunting and as recreational tools for archery. They have a number of key benefits and advantages over other types of bows. For example, longbows require relatively simple maintenance, and they can be used even in adverse weather conditions. They are also lighter and easier to carry than firearms, which makes them ideal for wilderness hunting.

Moreover, using a longbow can improve the user's quality of life. It is an excellent way to get outdoors and enjoy nature while also engaging in a sport that requires skill and precision. Longbow use also provides a good form of exercise by engaging the upper body muscles.

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In conclusion, the longbow has a rich history and has evolved over time to meet the needs of users. It has a number of key benefits and advantages, and it can enhance the user's quality of life.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Longbow

1. Bow Length: The length of the bow affects the distance and accuracy of the arrow. Longer bows provide more power and range, but at the cost of being heavier and more difficult to maneuver. Shorter bows are lighter and more maneuverable, but don't have the same range and power. Choosing the appropriate bow length for your needs is vital for optimal performance.

2. Bow material: The material from which the bow is made is essential for its durability and performance. Longbows can be made from different materials, such as wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or composites. Each material has its unique advantages and disadvantages that are important to consider when selecting a longbow.

3. Draw weight: Draw weight refers to the amount of force required to pull the string and launch the arrow. A higher draw weight delivers a more powerful shot, but also requires more physical exertion from the user. It is crucial to select a longbow with draw weight that suits your strength and skill level.

4. String quality: The string is the most crucial component of the longbow as it communicates energy from the archer to the arrow. A high-quality string ensures smooth release, consistent shooting, and longer lifespan for the bow.

5. Grip: The grip is the handle of the bow that the user holds. A comfortable and ergonomic grip is essential for accuracy and precision when aiming and shooting the arrow. Some longbows have ergonomic grips that provide better grip and control.

6. Sight: Sights can be useful for beginners as they can help to aim more accurately. They can come in different shapes and sizes, and some are adjustable to accommodate varying ranges.

7. Arrow rest: Arrow rests are critical for consistent shooting as they keep the arrow steady when it is being pulled back by the string. Different types of arrow rests suit different user needs and preferences, such as shelf rests or drop-away rests.

By understanding these key features of longbows, users can make informed decisions when selecting a longbow that best fits their needs, skill level, and budget. Choosing the right longbow will help users achieve better shooting results and improve their overall archery experience.

Understanding the Price Range of Longbows: Factors Influencing the Cost and How to Choose One within Your Budget.

Longbows can range in price from less than $50 up to several thousand dollars. The price of a longbow depends on a number of factors, including the materials used, the level of craftsmanship, the design complexity, and additional customizations. Below are some price ranges to help you understand what to expect:

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- $50 to $150: At this price range, you can expect to find longbows made of more affordable materials like laminate or fiberglass, and with a more basic design. These bows can still be perfectly functional and great for beginners or those on a tight budget.

- $150 to $500: In this price range, you can find a wider variety of longbows, including some made from higher-quality materials such as hickory or osage orange. You may also find more complex designs, with added features like custom grip shapes or decorative inlays.

- $500 to $1000: In this price range, you can expect to find handcrafted longbows made from premium materials like yew or bamboo. These bows will often have a very high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, with additional customizations like engraved limb tips or leather wraps.

- Above $1000: If you are looking for a truly bespoke longbow, you may need to look at this price range. These bows are typically custom-made for the individual user, with premium materials and a high level of customization.

When looking for the best deals and discounts on longbows, it is important to do your research. Look for sales, clearance items, and second-hand options. You can also consider buying directly from a bowmaker, as they may offer a better price than a retailer.

When choosing a product that fits within your budget, it is important to avoid compromising on quality. Look for a bow that is well-made, with strong and sturdy materials. Make sure to choose a draw weight and length that suits your needs, and consider any additional features or customizations that may be of value to you. Always read reviews and ask for recommendations from other archery enthusiasts to ensure you are making a well-informed decision.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Longbow: Size, Compatibility, Durability, and Functionality

When choosing a Longbow, there are several factors to consider that will play a significant role in your overall satisfaction with the product. Here are some important factors to consider:

1. Size: Longbows come in different sizes, so it's important to choose one that fits your body type and requires no undue strain to draw the string. A longbow that is too long may be perilous to control and might generate unwanted vibration during release. Similarly, if the longbow is too short, you may not have enough leverage to draw the string fully.

2. Compatibility: Consider the compatibility of the Longbow with other archery accessories, such as arrows and quivers. Be sure that the arrows you plan to shoot are of the right size and weight for the Longbow you select. Also, see that the quivers you intend to use can attach to the Longbow.

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3. Durability: The Longbow should be built to last, with sturdy materials that can withstand the rigors of use. The wood should be long-lasting, and resistant to warping, cracking, or splitting. The bow should be able to handle the stress, especially at the belly and the tips.

4. Functionality: Your Longbow should be easy to maintain, easy to handle, and provide efficient accuracy. If you are a beginner, you may want a Longbow that has a more forgiving brace height, such as 7" to 8" or a bow that is specifically designed for those looking to learn.

For instance, if you are a hunter or someone practicing at the range, you'll want a Longbow that is lightweight, easy to be carried around, and offers accuracy. Moreover, if you are someone who wants the Longbow for target shooting, it is significant to consider the consistency of release, the ease of stringing, and the longevity of the bow.

In conclusion, before picking a Longbow, you should carefully consider the size, compatibility, durability, and functionality to find the right one that will suit your needs.

Types of Longbows and Alternative Products for Archers

There are several types of longbows available in the market. Here are some of the most common types:

1. English Longbow: This is the classic longbow design that originated in England. It has a simple, straight design with a bow that is roughly the same length as the archer. It is made from yew wood or other hardwoods and is known for its power and accuracy.

2. American Longbow: Similar to the English Longbow, the American Longbow is often made from osage orange, hickory, or maple woods. It is shorter than the English Longbow but still very powerful.

3. Hybrid Longbow: A hybrid longbow is a modern design that combines the traditional longbow design with modern materials like fiberglass or carbon. They are often lighter and more durable than traditional longbows, making them a good choice for beginners.

4. Recurve Bow: A recurve bow is similar to a longbow but has tips that curve away from the archer. This design allows for more power and accuracy than a straight longbow.

Alternative products that could be used instead of a longbow include:

1. Compound Bow: This is a modern bow design that uses a system of pulleys and cables to reduce the amount of force required to hold a drawn bowstring. This makes the compound bow easier to use and more accurate than traditional longbows.

2. Crossbow: A crossbow is a handheld device that shoots arrows using a trigger mechanism. Crossbows are easier to use than traditional longbows but may be less accurate at longer distances.

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When choosing between longbows and these alternative products, it's important to consider your individual needs and preferences. Longbows are great for archers who enjoy traditional design and simplicity. They require a lot of strength to use effectively, so they may not be the best choice for beginners or those with physical limitations. Compound bows and crossbows are easier to use and require less strength, making them a better choice for beginners or anyone with physical limitations. However, they may lack the traditional aesthetic or feel that many archers love about traditional longbows.

Where to Buy Longbows: Top Online and Offline Retailers

When looking for a Longbow, there are many reputable online and offline stores to consider. Here are some options to look into:

Online Stores:
- Lancaster Archery Supply: Lancaster is one of the largest online archery retailers, and they have a vast selection of Longbows to choose from. The pricing is reasonable, and they offer free shipping on most orders over $99. Lancaster also has a good reputation for customer service and returns, with their return policy being valid for up to 90 days after purchase.
- 3 Rivers Archery: 3 Rivers Archery is another reputable online retailer offering Longbows. They have a wide selection available and a strong reputation for customer service, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, their pricing can be a bit higher than other retailers.
- Amazon: Amazon is another option for purchasing Longbows, but be mindful of fake products and scams. Look for sellers with high ratings and read reviews before making a purchase. You can also check for products with the "Amazon's Choice" label for added reassurance.

Offline Stores:
- Bass Pro Shops: Bass Pro is a popular brick-and-mortar store that carries Longbows. They have a vast selection of archery equipment, including various Longbows, and pricing is average for the market. They also have a reputation for offering good customer service and returns.
- Cabela's: Cabela's is another outdoor retailer with locations across the country. They carry a wide selection of archery gear, including Longbows from various brands. They also offer competitive pricing and good customer service.

Tips to avoid scams and fake products:
- Research the brand and model before purchasing to ensure it is legitimate.
- Look for customer reviews and ratings on the product and seller.
- Check for any guarantees or warranties offered.
- Be wary of prices that seem too good to be true, as they may be a sign of a fraudulent product.
- If in doubt, reach out to the seller or manufacturer for more information.

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By considering reputable retailers and taking steps to avoid scams and fake products, the user can be confident in their Longbow purchase and know they are getting the best value for their money.

Conclusion on Choosing the Right Longbow

When choosing a Longbow, the most important factors to consider are draw weight, bow length, material, and personal preference. It's important to choose a bow with a draw weight that you can easily manage and a bow length that suits your body size. The type of material used to make the bow will determine its durability, power, and weight, so it's important to choose one that fits your needs.

In addition to these factors, there are other considerations such as limb shape, string material, and grip design. These will also impact the overall performance of the bow and your personal experience when using it.

Ultimately, the best Longbow for an individual will vary based on their personal preferences, experience level, and intended use. It's important to choose a bow that is comfortable for you, fits well, and provides the level of performance you need for your intended use.

My final recommendation would be to research and compare different Longbow options based on these factors and choose the one that best suits your individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q: What is a Longbow?
A: A Longbow is a type of bow that is tall, roughly the height of the user, with narrow limbs that taper towards the ends. It is made from a single piece of wood, traditionally yew, and is used for hunting, target shooting, and military purposes.

Q: What are the advantages of using a Longbow?
A: The Longbow has several advantages over other types of bows, including longer range, greater accuracy, and more power. It also has a higher rate of fire than some other types of bows and is easier to maintain.

Q: What are the disadvantages of using a Longbow?
A: The main disadvantage of using a Longbow is that it requires a lot of physical strength to use effectively. It also has a longer draw length than other types of bows, which can be challenging for some users.

Q: How do I choose the right Longbow for me?
A: Choosing the right Longbow depends on several factors, including your height, strength, and skill level. It is best to try out several different bows before making a decision, as this will give you a better idea of what feels most comfortable and natural for you.

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Q: How do I care for my Longbow?
A: Caring for your Longbow involves keeping it out of extreme temperatures and humidity, using a bowstring wax to protect the bowstring, and periodically checking the limbs for cracks or other damage. It is also important to store the bow in a dry and cool place when not in use.

Q: Can Longbows be used for hunting?
A: Yes, Longbows are a popular choice for hunting due to their power and accuracy. However, it is important to check your local hunting regulations before using a Longbow for hunting, as some areas may restrict their use.

Q: How long does it take to learn to use a Longbow?
A: Learning to use a Longbow effectively can take several months to a year, depending on your level of dedication and practice. It is important to start with a lower poundage bow and work your way up as your strength and skill improve.

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