As waterfowl hunters, one of the most critical components of our strategy is the use of decoys. With countless options available, it can be challenging to determine which ones are the most effective. In recent years, silhouette decoys, often abbreviated as silos, have gained a significant amount of attention.

Are silhouette decoys useful additions to your decoy spread? Based on the success that many hunters have had with them, we think they absolutely are! So, let's take a closer look at silhouette decoys and see what advantages they offer that make them worth considering.

Typically used in fields, silhouette decoys remain inexorably useful in water. Furthermore, silhouettes are often cheaper and easier to set up than other decoys, yet still realistic enough to elicit convincing reactions from waterfowl. But there's more to it than that! Let's begin by discussing the benefits of silhouette decoys over other models and then see how to use them effectively--regardless of your hunting environment.

Cost-Effective Silo Decoys

If you are looking for quality goose decoys at an affordable price, silo decoys are a great pick. Unlike full-body decoys that could set you back over $150 for half a dozen, you can get over a dozen silo decoys for just around $90. This huge price difference makes it easier for the average hunter to purchase more decoys and develop more complex spreads. Additionally, if these silhouette decoys work just as well as full-body or shell decoys, there's no reason not to use them. Switch to silo decoys and make the most out of your hunting experience!

Improved Mobility with Silhouette Decoys

One of the biggest advantages of using silhouette decoys is the ease of packing and transportation. Unlike bulky full-body decoys, you can stack several 2D silhouette decoys on top of each other. In fact, you can easily fit up to three dozen of these versatile decoys in the same space you would normally reserve for just a couple of full-body decoys. This reduces your overall load to the blind, as well as the number of trips you need to make from your vehicle to your hunting location.

Using silhouette decoys also simplifies the process of setting up your hunting spread. Since these decoys are so lightweight and easy to carry, you can quickly and easily distribute them across your hunting area, like yard signs. This means no more struggling with heavy decoys or fumbling with separate stands and bases. With silhouette decoys, you can carry all you need in one go and set them up in just minutes.

So if you're looking for a convenient and efficient way to improve your decoy mobility, choose silhouette decoys over traditional full-body or shell decoys any day.

Improved Illusion of Motion

Unlike stationary 3D decoys, our 2D decoys give the illusion of movement. Picture yourself flying above a spread of our silhouette decoys or watching drone footage, and you'll notice that the decoys parallel to your flight path remain invisible. However, as your angle of view changes, the perpendicular decoys appear and disappear, creating the impression of motion. This effect is more convincing and realistic than using only a few moving decoys.

  • No need for big battery-powered decoys
  • No reliance on unpredictable winds
  • No need for a jerk string on water

Our silhouettes do all the work in any condition making your decoy placement an effortless and cost-effective experience.

Silhouette Decoys: Realistic and Cost-Effective

When it comes to decoys for hunting, realism is key to luring in geese or other prey. While some hunters opt for expensive 3D models, 2D silhouettes can provide a cost-effective alternative that is just as effective in attracting birds.

Premium silhouette decoys that are less expensive than mid-range full bodies are super realistic. They are printed with a high-quality picture of a goose, making it easier for manufacturers to create a realistic look. Even world champion caller Sean Mann reported that coyotes have hit his silo decoys in the past.

These decoys are also a smarter option for hunters targeting birds that have already experienced significant hunting pressure. With their realism, silhouette decoys increase the chances that geese will trust them as real birds, which can enable hunters to lure them in closer. If a hunter tries something different from what is regularly seen in the area, more and varied geese may be within shooting range.

If you want to save money and still get a realistic, effective hunting decoy, 2D silhouettes are a wise choice.

Using Silhouette Decoys: A Beginner's Guide

If you're new to hunting with silhouette decoys, you may wonder how to use them effectively. While you can make a spread entirely out of silhouettes, mixing them with other types of decoys can be more advantageous. This simple guide will provide you some tips to use the silo decoys for your next hunting trip.

  • Don't discard your existing decoys! Consider adding some silhouettes to your X or U spreads.
  • The X and U spreads are the two most common spreads that work well for goose hunters.
  • For the X spread, take a few dozen silhouettes and arrange them in an X pattern. This will attract geese no matter which way they fly or how the wind is blowing.
  • While decoy spreads are a complicated topic, you can't go wrong with the X spread. If you already have a spread that works well for you, adding in a dozen silhouettes or replacing a few of your other decoys with silhouettes can make a difference.
  • Don't stick to fields only. Silhouette decoys also work great on the water if you can find a way to float them. YouTuber Average Opportunity shared a video that shows how to put two silhouettes on a simple wooden frame that floats.

In summary, adding silo decoys to your existing decoy spreads can improve your chances of attracting geese. The X spread is a versatile choice, and silhouette decoys can also be used on water if you can float them.

Using Silhouette Decoys for Duck Hunting: Is it Appropriate?

If you're a waterfowl hunter, you may have wondered whether you can use silhouette decoys for duck hunting. The answer is, yes, you can! Silhouette decoys can be used when hunting ducks, especially in vast areas like large lakes and oceans. Although it may require a little DIY effort, incorporating silos into your duck spread enhances their appeal as they are highly visible.

While you may not necessarily need silhouette decoys when hunting smaller ponds or swamps, they can be helpful in providing a realistic look for your decoy spread. Furthermore, if you know the kind of ducks you're targeting, using silhouette decoys of those specific species can increase your chances of success.

Here are some reasons why silhouette decoys are appropriate for duck hunting:

  • They are lightweight, making it easy for you to carry several decoys with you.
  • They are easily visible by ducks flying overhead, thus making them an attractive addition to your spread.
  • When hunting in large bodies of water, using silhouette decoys of different sizes can create depth and distance, providing a realistic look for your spread.

In conclusion, if you're considering adding silhouette decoys to your duck hunting toolbox, go ahead! They are a great addition to your decoy spread, especially in large bodies of water where ducks can quickly fly over without seeing traditional decoys.

How to Determine the Appropriate Number of Silhouette Decoys for Successful Goose Hunting

For a goose spread that will attract the birds and help you bag more game, you will need to choose the right number of silhouette decoys. While two dozen decoys may be the minimum, a spread of four dozen or more silo decoys would be more effective. The good news is that silhouette decoys are relatively affordable and easy to use compared to other types of decoys.

When selecting decoys, ensure you go for the best quality ones available in the market. For instance, Dive Bomb V2’s are currently regarded as the top choice. You can also purchase other reliable ones on Amazon: some quality decoys cost less than $100 per dozen which is quite affordable.

Ensure that you select the required number of decoys to make your hunt successful.

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