Sole Adventure is run by me, Mark Heislip.  Born and raised in Ohio (transplanted to Colorado) with a father and family dedicated to outdoor activities; hunting, fishing, camping, and shooting sports have always been a large part of my life.  At a young age, I was drawn to archery, and at fifteen, I decided to get serious about it.  My dad and I bought our first compound bows from Bowhunter Warehouse; the rest is history.

I love all aspects of archery: 3D, indoor spots, bowhunting, and even archery golf.  As a mechanical engineer, I have always been drawn to the physics, mechanics, and fluid dynamics side of archery.  There is nothing like delving into the inner workings of archery by applying Newton’s laws of motion or doing a little computational fluid dynamic analysis.

The other side of me loves to be outdoors, enjoying time with my family, flinging some arrows, or chasing the wily wapiti.  There is something spiritual about toting your bow in the woods and blending in with nature while pitting your wits against mother nature’s best.

Introducing Sole Adventure


What is a sole? Well, in one sense,  a sole is a part of a shoe, right? I walk, breathe and live outdoors and will share my adventures with you through this website.

The term 'sole' also refers to being the only one: everyone is alone in the wild.

For me, 'sole' takes one more meaning. It's a play on words for the word soul, which is important to me. I've put all of my heart and soul into this adventure.

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