• Very cool. I can see this being an awesome target for traditional shooters. How would this stand up just sitting outside in the elements. Just wet arrows??

    • Jerud Earnest

      It will eventually start breaking down. Covering it and keeping rodents out will go a long way to extending the life.

      • Ya, I guess the glue holding the carpet together will break down quickly and then it would all fall apart. All targets should be covered up outside when not in use anyway.

  • Great idea. How easy is it to pull field arrows from the carpet?

    • Jerud Earnest

      Most shots my 3 year old daughter can pull them out (it’s above her head). Ever once in a while 1 will stick and require whole hand removal. From a how much should I compact it, I would rather them be a little more than 2 figure removal.

  • Scott Larimore

    Very nice. I just completed one very similar but with cardboard that is apprx 45″ x 45″ x 9″thk. My Carbon Express arrows at 270’/s go through about 4″ on the back side. Not happy about that. I like your idea of adding a rag box on the back. Thanks again, Scott

    • Jerud Earnest

      How many inches of compacting did you do with the cardboard? I am finishing up my rag compartment this week. Ended up going 12″ deep because I had enough rags. I figured go overkill to stop those VAPs.

      • Scott Larimore

        I only got about 3″ of compaction. But, I’m still experimenting with it. I want to see if I can get it tighter and thus stop the arrows better.

  • Great idea! I’m going to rope my husband, Troy, into making one of these for us. Officially adding it to the the “honey do” list. Thanks, Jerud!

    • Jerud Earnest

      Sorry Troy!

  • greg

    I made a backstop by hanging a horse stall rubber mat up with some lumber. I shoot at a bag that I hang in front of it. The mat is 3/4″ recycled rubber (probably tires) and it stops any arrows that anyone has flung at it. It’s a little difficult pulling arrows until you get the hang of it, but it beats looking for my arrows in the treeline…

    • SoleAdventure

      Good idea, Greg!

  • Jerud Earnest

    Ended up going overkill since I decided to buy a sheet of plywood. I made a 12 ” deep rag compartment out of 3/4″ plywood. It now stops my VAPs. Also sounds like a bass drum when thearrows hit.

  • Scott Rutherford

    For a backstop on the back side of the target try using a truck mud flap from the Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, or truckstop. They will usually give you the old ones for free.

  • Mike

    Hi, I have a question. Which type of carpet would you prefer to use, shaggy carpet or thin office type?

    • SoleAdventure

      You can sort of see in the photos that some longer-ish carpet was used, and it worked well. Not having built a target with the thinner stuff, I can’t comment for sure. Obviously you would need to more “sheets” to match the volume, and I would somewhat be concerned that at that point you’re mainly dealing with just the carpet backing to stop the arrow (which is probably harder on the arrows), vs. having the “buffer” of the softer carpet threads.

  • Just stumbled on it. This is a good idea. I was going to laminate some cardboard but now I think I’ll go to the carpet store and see if they have some leftover for cheap. Better yet, if someone is changing their carpet I could get their old one.

    Great idea. It’s frustrating to have a bow and being unable to shoot it.