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Broadhead Testing – The Ground Rules

« Back to the Broadhead Reviews I started putting this broadhead review and comparison with the idea of picking “the best replaceable-/fixed-blade broadhead,” but I soon realized that was an impossible task (for reasons that I will explain below). The best thing that I can do for you with these reviews is to show you… Read more »

Preparing for Broadhead Reviews

UPDATE: The reviews are live.  Check them out here! In the next couple of weeks I will be publishing a review and comparison of some great fixed-blade broadheads.  I will be evaluating each broadhead on criteria such as: construction, sharpness, strength, penetration, accuracy, noise in flight, ease of use, price, etc.  I hope that by… Read more »

Latest Giveaway Winners

Thank you all for participating the the giveaway that accompanied the Ryan Shoemaker (Bowhunt Quest) interview!  I really hope that you found Ryan’s insights as helpful as I did! We had 115 entries via comments and twitter posts.  I randomized all of the entries, and then I used a random number generator from to… Read more »

Interview with Ryan Shoemaker of

Ryan Shoemaker is an avid bowhunter, and also blogs at Bowhunt Quest.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know Ryan a little bit, and I must say that he is not only very knowledgeable, but also very willing to help out fellow hunters.  I had some questions for Ryan and then had the… Read more »

Oh, You Just Wait!

Well, I am a day late, but Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I hope everyone had a great time with family and friends, enjoying our freedom.  I also hope that we each took the time to reflect on how fortunate we are in this country, and how much has been sacrificed for our freedom and safety…. Read more »