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5 Steps to Build & Assemble Insanely Accurate Arrow Shafts

Buying pre-fletched, “ready to fly” arrows off the shelf, and having your local shop cut them to size and install the inserts is the easy way to go.  It’s how I used to buy all of my arrows, but I started to realize that there was always 2 or 3 arrows out of each dozen that didn’t fly… Read more »

Tips for Starting (or Growing!) a Hunting Blog – Part 2

Let’s conclude the brief pause from the normal topics of Bowhunting, Archery and Adventure, and wrap-up our discussion about blogging.  Keep in mind, though, that this advice isn’t just for bloggers; this advice applies to anyone that creates content in the outdoors industry. Regardless of your medium – be it a blog, a podcast, a… Read more »

Tips for Starting (or Growing!) a Hunting Blog – Part 1

“I want to start a hunting blog, but I don’t know where to begin.” “I recently started a blog to share my outdoors adventures, but I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing.” “I’ve had the blog for about a year, but I don’t feel like it’s going anywhere.” Those are a few statements… Read more »

Becoming Better Bowhunters Together – Can You Help Me?

A recurring thought that I’ve had over the past year is… “What if I did all of this planning, preparing, and training for hunting, and then squander it all with a bad shot when an opportunity presents itself?” Bowhunting is hard.  There’s no denying it.  Unless your one of the few bowhunters that hunts where… Read more »