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Help Me Kill A Coyote (Again)

I have zero experience hunting coyotes. I’ve killed one, but it was dumb luck — a coyote stepped out 25 yards below my treestand while deer hunting, and I put an arrow through him. Next Saturday will be the first time that I hunt specifically to call-in and kill a coyote. I know the basics… Read more »

Elk Decoys: Tips and Tactics with Fred Eichler and Montana Decoy

“Should have, would have, or could have…” – We often think that way when things don’t go right in a hunting situation.  After last year’s elk hunt I was left wondering if I should have brought an elk decoy along.  On one hand, a decoy is something that I don’t want to worry about packing, lugging up and… Read more »

5 Steps to Build & Assemble Insanely Accurate Arrow Shafts

Buying pre-fletched, “ready to fly” arrows off the shelf, and having your local shop cut them to size and install the inserts is the easy way to go.  It’s how I used to buy all of my arrows, but I started to realize that there was always 2 or 3 arrows out of each dozen that didn’t fly… Read more »