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Hunting Clothes – The Worst Thing A Hunter Can Shop For

Hunters spend billions of dollars every year. I have certainly played my part in boosting that number over the past few years. I try to repurpose gear when I can, and buy used when I can’t, but sometimes heading out to buy brand new gear is inevitable. And of course, fun. Don’t forget fun. I… Read more »

Friday Files – Sitka vs. KUIU, Adventurous Bowhunter, NWTF Conservation

Sitka vs. KUIU If you are shopping for, or maybe just dreaming about, some of the latest and greatest technical hunting wear, then you really need to check out this great review series over at Team Kendrick Outdoors.  They are going through the Sitka and KUIU systems step-by-step.  Ever wondered how KUIU’s Attack pants compared… Read more »

Introducing “The Friday Files”

I thought I would try something new here at Sole Adventure.  I am starting “The Friday Files”.  Each Friday I will be sharing some links to articles, blogs, videos, etc., that I find particularly interesting or helpful.  That is, assuming I find enough noteworthy items that week.  Unlike most of my posts, the Friday Files… Read more »