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Friday Files – Canned Hunting, Missouri Elk, Thoughts on Failure

Badlands Clothing I have been looking forward to the much-anticipated Badlands clothing line for quite some time. Badlands was kind enough to send the first few pieces out to several hunting bloggers for a sneak peek.  I received their Velocity softshell jacket and I will have a full write-up on that on Monday.  Ryan from… Read more »

Hunt Your Way To Health – Venison vs. Beef

I can’t wait until fall.  There is nothing better than spending a cool morning in a tree, watching the world wake up.  I am ready to hear the noise of a breaking branch that signals the approach of a whitetail heading my direction.  I also can’t wait to fill up my freezer with organic free-range… Read more »

Do We Really Need To Hunt With All This “Stuff”?

I would venture to say that the majority of hunters carry too much “stuff” (gear, tools, clothes, accessories, extra items, backup items, etc.) into the woods with them. I count myself among that majority, but I am looking to change. There are many reasons that we all carry too much stuff. You could look at… Read more »