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ATA Show 2013: Easton Outfitters’ New Pack Line

Tents, backpacks, snowshoes, and trekking poles…did I take a wrong turn while at the ATA Show and end up somewhere else? No, I was still at ATA, but I had wandered from Easton’s well-known arrow display over to Easton Outfitter’s line of outdoor gear.  While there, I was fortunate enough to take a look at… Read more »

ATA Show 2013: The New CF13 Pack System from Tenzing

At the 2013 ATA Show I was able to chat with Tenzing’s lead pack designer about their new CF13 Pack System.  This system consists of a 100% aerospace carbon fiber frame, a fully-adjustable harness system, and an impressive collection of panels, pockets, and a gear bag, which enables you to customize and build a modular… Read more »

Friday Files – Canned Hunting, Missouri Elk, Thoughts on Failure

Badlands Clothing I have been looking forward to the much-anticipated Badlands clothing line for quite some time. Badlands was kind enough to send the first few pieces out to several hunting bloggers for a sneak peek.  I received their Velocity softshell jacket and I will have a full write-up on that on Monday.  Ryan from… Read more »

Gear Review – Badlands Monster Fanny

I am not one for fashion; that is, unless you consider boots, jeans, and a t-shirt to be fashionable.  That said, even someone who knows nothing about (and cares little about) fashion, knows there are certain things that are just wrong for guys to wear. Guys with perms? Wrong. Dudes in skinny jeans? Wrong. Anyone wearing… Read more »