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Hunters Rescue a Pair of Antler-locked Bucks

From the River Hills Traveler… Alan Meyer spotted two bucks on his farm that were locked together.  Not wanting the pair to suffer or even starve, Alan decided he should take action.  Gathering some family and friends, they headed off to find the bucks.  Luckily snow on the ground helped them track the pair, but… Read more »

Missouri Elk Trapping Video

I am extremely excited about the Missouri elk restoration, and I am loving the fact that the Missouri Department of Conservation is being so open about the process.  Here is a video overview of how the trapping is taking place in Kentucky.

Weekend Wrap-Up – 01/24/2011

This week was cold and snowy here in Missouri.  Training was tough, but I got my three runs in under some adverse conditions.  I realized exactly how slippery it can be to run downhill with 1″ of snow, wearing only my road running shoes.  I won’t be doing that again! This week we had the… Read more »

Mountain Lion sighting confirmed in Chesterfield

From the Missouri Department of Conservation: The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has confirmed a mountain lion sighting in western St. Louis County. Garrett Jensen, of Chesterfield, recently contacted MDC with photographs taken Jan. 12 from a trail camera showing a mountain lion in a wooded area. “We have examined the photos and visited the… Read more »

Garmin adds tracking

I have long been a fan of the idea of Spot, a personal tracking device.  The Spot does have its limitations and drawbacks though.  What I have really been waiting for is more players in the market that will hopefully create competition, boost innovation, and drop prices.  Garmin is now a player in the market,… Read more »