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ATA Show 2013: The New Ascent Ambush from Montana Black Gold Bowsights

I am a huge fan of Black Gold’s Ascent series of bowsights. (See my Ascent review here.) In 2013 Black Gold released their Ascent “Ambush”, which is their new single-pin Ascent with optional scope and 2x or 4x lens. The Ascent Ambush includes the features that we have come to know and love from Montana Black… Read more »

Gear Review – The Montana Black Gold Ascent Bowsight

This is the third post in a series where I have been talking about the “perfect bowsight”.  In Part I I explained why a multi-pin slider/adjustable bowsight is perfect for my needs.  In Part II we covered how to set up a multi-pin adjustable bowsight.  Here, in Part III, we are finally going to take… Read more »

The Perfect Bow Sight

Does the perfect hunting bow sight have multiple pins, or just one? Should it be fixed or adjustable? We are all well aware of the common “this vs. that” arguments when it comes to gear. What is better? Mechanical broadheads, or fixed-blades? A trigger release or a thumb release? A fast bow or a forgiving… Read more »

New Bow! My 2012 Elite Pure

I will get right to the eye candy.  See below for details… [Click any photo to enlarge.]                 The Details 2012 Elite Pure 60-70lbs, currently maxed at 72 30″ (EFX Mod #4) (IBO at 30″/70lbs is 330) Realtree AP Custom Montana Black Gold Ascent sight QAD Ultra-Rest HD… Read more »