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Gear Review – The Blood Vane by Outer Limit Archery

Building a perfect arrow from a bare shaft is somewhat of an art; it takes time, focus, and of course some equipment.  Some archers enjoy this process, and I would count myself among them.  However, I would venture to say that the majority of bowhunters don’t build their own arrows from raw shafts. Many bowhunters… Read more »

The New Badlands Clothing Line – A First Look At The Velocity Jacket

I remember the first time that I laid my eyes on a Badlands pack in a Cabela’s store.  I was impressed with the build quality and materials, but even more amazed by the design – the pockets were the right sizes, and in the right places.  The packs were quiet, comfortable, durable, and quite frankly, ingenious. Badlands… Read more »

Seven Secrets of Successful Hunters

Over the last year I have focused on studying some of the more intangible aspects of what it takes to be a successful hunter. There are seven things that I have learned myself, or traits that I have observed from other hunters that are much more experienced and successful than I am. Often we focus… Read more »