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Seven Secrets of Successful Hunters

Over the last year I have focused on studying some of the more intangible aspects of what it takes to be a successful hunter. There are seven things that I have learned myself, or traits that I have observed from other hunters that are much more experienced and successful than I am. Often we focus… Read more »

Broadhead Review – Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock “Black Ops”

As you may recall, the Shuttle T is one of several fixed-blade broadheads that I reviewed last year. Even though I really liked many of the broadheads that I reviewed, I actually decided to shoot something else last season.  It wasn’t that I wouldn’t hunt with any of the broadheads from that review series; it… Read more »

Do We Really Need To Hunt With All This “Stuff”?

I would venture to say that the majority of hunters carry too much “stuff” (gear, tools, clothes, accessories, extra items, backup items, etc.) into the woods with them. I count myself among that majority, but I am looking to change. There are many reasons that we all carry too much stuff. You could look at… Read more »

Friday Files – Sitka vs. KUIU, Adventurous Bowhunter, NWTF Conservation

Sitka vs. KUIU If you are shopping for, or maybe just dreaming about, some of the latest and greatest technical hunting wear, then you really need to check out this great review series over at Team Kendrick Outdoors.  They are going through the Sitka and KUIU systems step-by-step.  Ever wondered how KUIU’s Attack pants compared… Read more »