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Effective Range, Long Distance Shooting, and the Spirit of Bowhunting

I probably shouldn’t have hit the “Publish” button on this post.  This isn’t a position paper, a proposal to dictate the way that anyone else should hunt, or a means of pointing fingers at bowhunters.  These are just some of my incomplete thoughts on a complex topic.  What are you thoughts?  I would love to… Read more »

Avoid the Warden – 5 Hunting Regulations That Are Too Easily Broken

A few months ago I overheard some guys talking about a recent event where someone was caught breaking a hunting regulation. The guys were siding with the hunter, stating that although he broke the law, it was unintentional, and “all hunters have violated a regulation at one time or another.” That statement caught me off… Read more »

Hunt Your Way To Health – Venison vs. Beef

I can’t wait until fall.  There is nothing better than spending a cool morning in a tree, watching the world wake up.  I am ready to hear the noise of a breaking branch that signals the approach of a whitetail heading my direction.  I also can’t wait to fill up my freezer with organic free-range… Read more »

The iBowSight – Have We Become Too Technological?

The first time that I stumbled upon the iBowSight I found myself taking quick glance at the calendar; my fears were confirmed, it was not April 1st.  I was really hoping that this whole idea of using your iPhone as a bow sight was a joke. iCantBelieveThisThingIsReal. So, what is the iBowSight?  The idea is… Read more »