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Gear Review – Harvest Time Archery HT-2 ‘Harvester’ Arrows

I started shooting Harvest Time’s HT-2 “Harvester” arrows this past summer.  I met the VP of Harvest Time Archery in the small world that is the Internet, and Harvest Time decided to send me some of their HT-2 arrows for my broadhead reviews.  I was pretty content with my arrow setup at the time and… Read more »

Interview with Josh Clemence, Co-owner of SEEMZ Technology

Scent control is a hot topic in the hunting world.  We all know it is important to control our scent, but the big question is “How should you do it?”  There are ton of scent control products on the market; everything from sprays, to washes, to gum.  Yes, gum.  In the past I haven’t used many… Read more »