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The What, Why, and How of “Walkback Tuning” Your Bow

Anytime that I get new arrows, a new rest, or am setting up a bow for the first time, I go through the process of “walkback tuning”. This tuning method is incredibly simple, but it is of critical importance for good arrow flight. If you walkback tune before you try and “sight in” your bow… Read more »

The iBowSight – Have We Become Too Technological?

The first time that I stumbled upon the iBowSight I found myself taking quick glance at the calendar; my fears were confirmed, it was not April 1st.  I was really hoping that this whole idea of using your iPhone as a bow sight was a joke. iCantBelieveThisThingIsReal. So, what is the iBowSight?  The idea is… Read more »