Gear Review – The Badlands Momentum Pant

The entrance to the top hand pockets on the front of these pants is kind of small.  It isn’t a huge deal really, but it is mildly annoying and I do wish they were bigger.

The Badlands Momentum Pant

It feels weird to start off a review without an introduction and jump straight into something I don’t like. I always strive to provide an accurate, honest, and fair review of any product, and I don’t shy away from talking about the downsides or problems that I experience.  That is why I got that little issue with the pockets out of the way, because from here on out I have nothing but great things to say about the Badlands Momentum pant.  These pants are awesome!

If you don’t see the video above, please watch it here.

Why are the Badlands Momentum pants so awesome?

  • They are crazy comfortable, thanks so the soft lining and wide waistband.
  • The cut is athletic; not baggy, not restrictive – just right.
  • They move with you.  The softshell fabric has a good “stretch” to it, and the cut of the pants is articulated is key areas.
  • Just like a Badlands pack, the Momentum pants have a clever pocket for almost everything.
  • They keep you dry.  Now, these aren’t rain pants, but as far as standing up to a rain shower or two, they do great.
  • The removable gators are brilliant.  Easy on, easy off.
  • They are versatile and will keep you comfortable in a wide range of temperatures.
  • They are durable.  I’ve worn these pants a ton this season.  They material doesn’t snag and all of the seams are holding up.  If it weren’t for the fact that they are currently muddy and bloody, they would look like new.

Honestly, I’ve never been so excited about pants.  I would buy a second pair right now, but that would probably be a waste of money because I don’t see this pair wearing out anytime soon.

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