Gear Review – The Badlands Element Base Layers

The Badlands Element base layers are made of a lightweight, breathable synthetic material.  Anyone that has worn synthetic base layers knows that they tend to hold a lot of smell and will get ‘funky’ very fast.  To combat this, Badlands has integrated their Scent Reduction System (SRS) into these items, and I must say – it is very effective.  Another great feature of these garments is their flat-lock stitching, which will prevent discomfort or chafing – something that is very important for a next-to-skin garment.

The Badlands Element Base Layers

I love the “body mapping” that Badlands has put in to the Element top.  By using a different material for the sides of the shirt, Badlands has effectively made this top even more breathable to keep you cool and dry where it matters most.  The integrated thumb holes on the sleeves also make it very easy to add and remove layers without the sleeves of the Element top getting bunched up or stretched out.

If you don’t see the video above, please watch it here.

I am a huge proponent of merino wool base layers, but Badlands has shown me that synthetics can compete.  I often found myself turning to the Element top this season, instead of my lightweight merino wool top.  The Element is lighter, dries faster, ventilates better, and thanks to Badlands’ scent reduction, it doesn’t get smelly like other synthetics.  I am also a big fan of using the Element bottoms to wick moisture away from my skin when wearing something like the Momentum pants or Inferno bibs.

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