Broadhead Review – The Exodus by QAD

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Specifications »
Weight: 100 Grains
Number of Blades: 3
Cutting Diameter: 1.25″
Blade Thickness: .035″
Ratings »
Accuracy: 4 out of 5
Construction: 5 out of 5
Ease of Use: 4.5 out of 5
Penetration: 4 out of 5
Price: 3.5 out of 5
Sharpness: 4 out of 5
Strength: 4.5 out of 5
Bonus Points: 2 out of 5

I remember stumbling upon some announcement about the Exodus by QAD (Quality Archery Designs).  At that time I thought that I had “discovered” something because there didn’t seem to be much buzz about the Exodus online.  Well, let me tell you, not only is there now a buzz about the Exodus, there is now a roar.  I don’t visit the archery forums much, but when I do there is always a thread asking about the Exodus.  I think this all boils down to one thing – the design is unique.  Consumers love change.  They love new things.  The Exodus by QAD brings something new to the market.

Accuracy – Accuracy did not disappoint.  The Exodus flew well out of the setups that I tested with.  I didn’t notice any deviation from field tip accuracy for the most part, but in windy conditions you could definitely tell that the head was steered more than some of the other broadheads that I have shot.  Overall I think the profile of the Exodus gives very accurate flight.  Have I tested blades that fly better at 40+ yards?  Yes, but not by too much.  There are definitely other designs that are more forgiving, but the Exodus still holds its own in terms of overall accuracy.

Construction – QAD absolutely hit a home run with the construction of the Exodus.  This is where the head really shines.  Everything from the materials used (tempered stainless steel), to the tolerances and overall design – construction is bulletproof!  The blade lock-up is absolutely solid, but the blades are also easy to change.  In my experience you typically get one or the other, solid lock-up or swapping ease, but with the Exodus you get both.

Ease of Use – I mentioned this briefly already, but the Exodus is very easy to use.  First, it comes pre-assembled which is something that I always prefer.  Secondly the blade removal and replacement process is unbelievably simple and effective.  I’ll come right out and say it – in terms of ease of use and blade-replacement, the design of the Exodus is my favorite.  So, why didn’t it get 5 stars?  For a couple of minor reasons, which really all comes back to me being very particular.  1) The rubber o-ring that holds the locking nut/washer in place is a brilliantly simple idea, and I do love it, but it a little bit tricky to seat just right.  2) On permanent ferrule/replaceable blade broadheads I love to be able to sharpen up the ferrule easily.  Due to the convex feature of the ferrule (which again is something I do like), the ease of sharpening isn’t what it could be.

Penetration – The Exodus performed very well in all of the penetration tests.  It cut through the plywood like butter, and buried into various target types nearly as deep as any other.

Price – The Exodus comes in at the higher end of the price range, but I do feel that it has solid construction, tight tolerances, and design uniqueness to match.  I always hesitate to say that broadheads in this price range are a good deal, but we are talking about an American made product that has the construction and feel of a high-dollar broadhead.  It is definitely more worthy of the price tag than others that I have seen.  However, for the price I would like to see an extra set of blades, and definitely spare o-rings.

Sharpness – The blades on the Exodus were adequately sharp out of the box, but what I was most impressed with is how they retained their sharpness over the course of the testing.  The ferrule was definitely one of the sharpest among other similar heads.  (I think the slight convex of the ferrule contributes to this.)  My “beef” with sharpness is the ease of re-sharpening the ferrule.  I like the convex design, and I think it is beneficial, but it also makes the ferrule more difficult to touch-up.

Strength – As I said in the Construction section, if the Exodus is one thing, it is solid.  The construction and materials makes this one of the strongest heads that I have tested.  Oddly enough, strength was one of my main concerns about this design.  I didn’t see how the flared-out blades, which are unsupported in the rear, would stand up to abuse and penetration on harder materials.  I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised here.  The Exodus came out of all the penetration tests looking better than any other head that I have tested.  I still want to do further testing to prove the design, but so far I am absolutely amazed at the strength of the Exodus.

Conclusion & Bonus Points – The Exodus is definitely worth of a bonus point…or two.  One for the design, which is not only unique, but also very effective.  Another point for the construction and strength.  I haven’t held a replaceable-blade broadhead yet that compares to the overall “build” of the Exodus.

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  • P Lmcs

    You don’t use the o-ring, it’s for packaging purposes only.

  • Travis

    i bought a pack of exdous broadheads about a week ago i couldnt wait to try them, after testing and shooting them i was impressed and over all pleased with its proformance. Great product i will be useing them all this season for sure!!!!

  • Rick Buckley

    HI ,I am guessing you already know but the o ring is only used in shipping , these broadheads fly great out of both bows I have , mathews z7 , APA king cobra , , my set ups are in the 280 fps range ,I also shoot them out of a 10 point xbow , they fly great to 80 yards and my search for a great broadhead is over

  • Bruce Carter

    How do they compare to Slick Tricks?

    • Joe Mendez lll

      they blow slick tricks away in durability, penetration and accuracy. and i loved shooting slick tricks. lol

  • Aaron

    Are these any good for crossbow?