How To Hunt Elk On Your Own

Are you an elk hunter?  Do you want to become one?

My dream, for many years, was to hunt elk in the Rocky Mountains.  I decided to stop simply dreaming, and start planning for that dream — and in 2013 I went on my first elk hunts in Colorado and Kentucky.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get an elk on either of those hunts.  I went back to Colorado in 2014 and was able to call in a bull that my partner, Jerud, shot at just 8 yards.  In 2015 Jerud and I hunted a new area and, after a lot of close calls, came home empty-handed.  Then, in 2016, Jerud and I returned to that same area and I shot my first bull with my bow at just 12 yards.  I will be sharing the story of that 2016 hunt soon, but in the meantime please scroll down below to check out the trip reports from previous years, as well as dozens of helpful articles that I wrote along my journey of becoming an elk hunter.

My 2016 Archery Bull Elk

My 2016 5×5 Bull

Jerud's 2014 CO Bull

Jerud’s 2014 Bull

I am just a regular guy that has many of the same limitations that you probably do — I have limited money, limited time, and since I live in the Midwest, I have extremely limited access to elk country.  But, I can hunt elk, and you can too!

If you are going on your first elk hunt this year, just dreaming about hunting elk in 10 years, or you are already an elk hunter, I hope that you will join me in this adventure to learn how to effectively hunt elk on your own.  The articles below document my journey of planning, preparing, and becoming an elk hunter.  I hope they help you chase your dreams, too..

UPDATE: I am super excited to introduce you to a new elk hunting resources that is above-and-beyond anything I’ve done here and is a great continuation of the articles I have published below.  Here is more information and an exclusive special offer (to save 40%!) on the University of Elk Hunting.


2014 Colorado Elk Hunt: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 (We did it!!!), Part 7

2013 Colorado Elk HuntPart 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

2013 Kentucky Elk Hunt: Part 1, Part 2

If you are looking for my gear list, you can find that here:
My Elk Hunting Gear List for Extended Backpack Hunts


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