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“Cutting The Curve” in Extreme Elk Magazine

I pulled into the driveway after work, parked my car in the garage and walked to the mailbox.  I pulled a stack of paper out of the mailbox and flipped through it all – bills, junk, ads, bills, hunting magazine.  Woo hoo!    I was excited to get the latest issue of Extreme Elk –… Read more »

Elk Hunting Ruined My Life

I have spent all of 2013, and a lot of time before then, thinking about hunting elk. And now that I’ve done it, I’ve come to realize that I’ll never be the same. Elk hunting has ruined me. I often find myself thinking of moments from this year’s elk hunts in Colorado and Kentucky. Actually,… Read more »

The Story Continues – A Late Season Hunt in the Snow

It is really beginning to feel like late-season hunting.  Temperatures maxed-out in the low-20’s this weekend, and everything was covered in white.  I was excited to hunt one of the stands that I set for these exact conditions, but as I packed up my gear I noticed that it had started to drizzle; I grabbed… Read more »

Becoming Better Bowhunters Together – Can You Help Me?

A recurring thought that I’ve had over the past year is… “What if I did all of this planning, preparing, and training for hunting, and then squander it all with a bad shot when an opportunity presents itself?” Bowhunting is hard.  There’s no denying it.  Unless your one of the few bowhunters that hunts where… Read more »

The Blueprint of a Bad Hunting Season

It’s December, and my freezer is empty. That’s a strange, frustrating feeling. As long as I’ve been deer hunting, I’ve never not had a deer down by December 1st. How did this happen? Why haven’t I pulled the trigger?…Much less come to full-draw on an animal that I’ve wanted to kill? And why am I… Read more »