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My Elk Hunting Adventure in Colorado – Day 1

The alarm went off at 3AM. I stumbled to the living room, where my hunting partner, Phil, was already stirring. It only took a few minutes for us to gather our things, hop in the gear-loaded Suburban, and hit the road. Destination, Colorado. We flew through Missouri, and trudged through Kansas. Finally, we hit the… Read more »

So You Think You’re Ready to Elk Hunt? Is Your Partner Ready, Too?

As I’ve been documenting the process of preparing for my first elk hunt, I have had the privilege of meeting many other hunters that are also preparing for their first archery elk adventures. It has been an honor to share many comments, emails, and phone calls with kindred spirits that dream of the wapiti. Unfortunately,… Read more »

“The Journey to My First Bow Kill” by Mike Dwyer

In this article from guest author, Mike Dwyer, we learn more about the ongoing story a new bowhunter’s pursuit of his first bow kill.  Bowhunting, as Mike has learned, is not about the mere physical act of releasing an arrow – it’s about a mindset. Growing up I loved archery. I started with a little… Read more »

Kicking Doubt in the Face, and Answering a Reader Question

I’m typing without an agenda, which makes this the first article of it’s kind for Sole Adventure this year.  I have been incredibly focused on my upcoming elk hunt, and writing informational articles that help share my journey with you, the reader.  I am not finished; there is a lot more that I want to… Read more »