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The Story Continues – A Late Season Hunt in the Snow

It is really beginning to feel like late-season hunting.  Temperatures maxed-out in the low-20’s this weekend, and everything was covered in white.  I was excited to hunt one of the stands that I set for these exact conditions, but as I packed up my gear I noticed that it had started to drizzle; I grabbed… Read more »

Becoming Better Bowhunters Together – Can You Help Me?

A recurring thought that I’ve had over the past year is… “What if I did all of this planning, preparing, and training for hunting, and then squander it all with a bad shot when an opportunity presents itself?” Bowhunting is hard.  There’s no denying it.  Unless your one of the few bowhunters that hunts where… Read more »

The Blueprint of a Bad Hunting Season

It’s December, and my freezer is empty. That’s a strange, frustrating feeling. As long as I’ve been deer hunting, I’ve never not had a deer down by December 1st. How did this happen? Why haven’t I pulled the trigger?…Much less come to full-draw on an animal that I’ve wanted to kill? And why am I… Read more »

Discover Adventure with Cooper’s Discoverer S/T MAXX Tires

One of the hardest parts of planning my elk hunting trip was ensuring that the non-hunting logistics came together without any major issues.  One of my biggest concerns was being able reach the trailhead that I had picked out.  I was able to find some first-hand accounts of the 4×4 mountain road that was supposed… Read more »

An Empty Freezer & A Full Heart

I had such high hopes for this hunting season. At this point in time I expected to have over 200lbs of elk meat in my freezer, and maybe some whitetail venison, too. But all that’s in my freezer right now is one venison roast from last year’s deer. That’s pathetic. But you know what? I’m… Read more »