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Gear List Debrief – Critiquing my Backpacking Gear List for Elk Hunting

Gear can make or break a hunt.  Especially when you’re traveling miles away from the nearest road and spending a week in the wilderness.  In today’s post I want to debrief on last year’s elk hunts and analyze my gear list with the distinct advantage of hindsight. What items worked as expected? (Almost everything.) What… Read more »

Hunting Elk in Kentucky – My Experience and My Advice

Drawing a Kentucky elk tag is like winning the lottery.  The cost of entry is incredibly low ($10 in this case), but so are your odds of getting drawn.  There is no preference point system, so your chances of “winning” are as good as anyone else; somebody has to get lucky, and that somebody could… Read more »

“September Calls” Giveaway & Interview with Promont Outdoors

It’s time for another giveaway!  Check out this interview with Weston Paul, founder of Promont Outdoors, and be sure to enter the giveaway for a “September Calls” shirt.  The entry form is at the bottom of the article… What drove you to start Promont Outdoors? I started Promont Outdoors after a 7 year stint in the… Read more »

“Cutting The Curve” in Extreme Elk Magazine

I pulled into the driveway after work, parked my car in the garage and walked to the mailbox.  I pulled a stack of paper out of the mailbox and flipped through it all – bills, junk, ads, bills, hunting magazine.  Woo hoo!    I was excited to get the latest issue of Extreme Elk –… Read more »