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Video of My One-year-old Elk Calling Expert

I got a new ElkNut “Chuckler” grunt/bugle tube in the mail a couple of days ago, and apparently my son has been watching me practice with it.  He picked it up the other night and knew exactly what to do…

New Articles for – Using a Thumb Trigger Release

Shortly after the first of the year I signed on as a contributor to  The crew at has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and I am honored to join the ranks of the bowhunters and writers that contribute to making so successful.  Be sure to check out my latest two-part series on… Read more »

VIDEO – Rutting Bull Elk Battle

Here is some amazing footage of two rutting bull elk fighting one another in a meadow. It is interesting to observe the dynamics of how the elk approach one another, and how the fight for dominance plays out and finally ends.  What a sight! Video by Aaron Morrell

Podcast Interview with Average Hunter

I recently had chance to talk with Matt, host of the Average Hunter podcast.  We had a great time recording a show, which features some discussion on my upcoming elk hunt, a recap of the ATA show, a discussion on trail running, and several other on-the-fly segments about archery and bowhunting.  It took me about… Read more »