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Tips for Starting (or Growing!) a Hunting Blog – Part 1

“I want to start a hunting blog, but I don’t know where to begin.” “I recently started a blog to share my outdoors adventures, but I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing.” “I’ve had the blog for about a year, but I don’t feel like it’s going anywhere.” Those are a few statements… Read more »

An Empty Freezer & A Full Heart

I had such high hopes for this hunting season. At this point in time I expected to have over 200lbs of elk meat in my freezer, and maybe some whitetail venison, too. But all that’s in my freezer right now is one venison roast from last year’s deer. That’s pathetic. But you know what? I’m… Read more »

Kicking Doubt in the Face, and Answering a Reader Question

I’m typing without an agenda, which makes this the first article of it’s kind for Sole Adventure this year.  I have been incredibly focused on my upcoming elk hunt, and writing informational articles that help share my journey with you, the reader.  I am not finished; there is a lot more that I want to… Read more »

Hunting Is Worthless. And 4 Other Things You Need to Know…

Photos have already started pouring in from the early antelope and mule deer seasons out West, and soon I’ll be seeing some tremendous elk and whitetail photos from across the country. I’m “friends” (at least on Facebook anyway) with some great hunters that have already killed beautiful animals with their bows, and the temptation for… Read more »

The Trembling Giant

I’ve long been fed up with the predictable storylines, unrealistic harvests, and staged action shots of hunting shows and videos.  But in the past few years there have been some television shows, online series, and short films that raised the standard of portraying the beauty, mystery, and intensity of hunting.  One of the latest, and greatest,… Read more »