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Ready or Not, Elk Season is Coming!

July already?!  I am leaving for my elk hunt in 82 days, which sounds like a long time, but two-and-a-half months sure can fly by – especially in the summer. The fact that this big hunt is just around the corner is incredibly exciting and slightly stressful.  I have prepared, and I feel ready, but of… Read more »

How to Become a Pro Staff Member in the Hunting or Shooting Industry

Many hunters and archers have wondered how they could become a “pro staffer” for a company within the industry.  I’ve fielded the question many times, and just recently received this email… “I have been trying to get on a pro staff for a while, but have had little success.  I love to hunt more than… Read more »

Huntography Is Here!

If you’ve been following Sole Adventure for a while, you’ll probably remember that, last Fall, I was filmed for a project called Huntography.  The purpose of Huntography is to document everyday hunting and everyday hunters… “We film, blog & socialize the authentic stories & experiences of America’s hunters. Through first person storytelling & documentary filmmaking, we… Read more »

The Harsh Realities of Hunting, and the Hope of Chance

Over the past couple of years, the idea of hunting elk has gone from a dream, to a commitment, to a plan, and is now quickly becoming a reality.  I feel like I have done pretty much everything in my power to prepare for this hunt.  I have studied, researched, trained, practiced…and, well, you get… Read more »

How Not To Eat An Orange In The Wild

I’m grateful for the opportunity to write and “put myself out there”, but one thing that has always baffled me about doing so, is that critics so easily presume what they think I’m trying to do.  They think I’m trying to come off as an expert.  They think I’m trying to show what a great… Read more »