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One Year In…

Sole Adventure began in January of last year.  It is pretty wild to look back over the past year and realize just how much the site has grown.  I remember when I received my first comment.  I remember when the first real dialogue started.  I remember when I signed up for twitter and started to… Read more »

What Is To Come

Hey reader, I appreciate you.  I am stoked for all that is in store for 2012 and I can’t wait to share it with you.  Look for more adventures, more reviews, more giveaways, more interviews, and an awesome new design to launch soon.  This year is going to be a great one.  I am thrilled… Read more »

This Guy Is Loving “Girl Hunter” by Georgia Pellegrini

Georgia Pellegrini approached me last spring to let me know she had a book coming out later in the year, and asked me if I would be interested in getting an advanced copy of it.  The opportunity sounded great, but then I realized something – this book was slated to be called Girl Hunter.  At that… Read more »

Steven Rinella’s New Show – “Meat Eater”

Most of you have heard of Steven Rinella, who it seems is best known for the show The Wild Within, which aired on the Travel Channel.  Many fans of the show have been wondering about the next season of the show, which if it was on schedule would have already started airing.  Well, the bad… Read more »

You Better Be Paying Attention

I am having an absolutely insane week.  It seems that every minute is go, go, go.  I don’t have an original post for you this week, but I did want to take a quick minute to let you know about two things that you should absolutely be made aware of. The OBN Birthday Bash! It is truly… Read more »