• Steve

    Mark…perfect timing on this post! I think I mentioned to you, I’m planning a DIY elk hunt this fall and I’m just starting to ramp up my workout schedule. I’m in pretty good shape already, but could stand to loose 10-15 pounds. Like you, I prefer to work out in my garage. My setup is pretty simply–bunch of free weights/bench press, 100lb punching bag, pull-up bar and a elliptical machine. Can you share your workout routine? What particular exercise(s) have you found most beneficial in the mountains? What’s your take on protein supplements….in particular thoughts on Mountain Ops?

    • Thanks, Steve. I’ll definitely be sure to share more of my routine, home equipment, and what I feel (after experience and research) are the best specific movements for hunt prep.

  • IAHunter

    Hey Mark, looking forward to reading more about what you have learned. I decided to make a lifestyle change about 2 1/2 years ago. When I took my oldest daughter to college I choose that day to quit smoking and make a change. That very next fall I booked my fist Elk hunt and I am so glad I decided to get into better shape when I did. It made a week at 10K+ altitude a much more enjoyable experience vs being out of shape and sucking for air. I too have not seen the inside of a gym as part of my routine, my workouts consists of running, biking and a weight set that is the old concrete sand filled plastic weights with an okay bench. I don’t have a lot of exercises that I perform for strength training and one thing I would like to add is a pull-up bar. Diet was the biggest change I had to make and its been a benefit for my whole family. I choose to go the low card, high fat path but not really following any real program other than shopping the perimeter of the grocery store and eliminating all processed foods. If I look at the ingredients and unable to pronounce what’s in the food, I don’t buy it. So far so good.

    I look forward to hearing some of your lessons and happy to share mine as well.

  • Conscious Hunter

    Thank you for posting…very timely for me! I am doing my first elk hunt ever this October in Montana. I’ll be hunting with a bow so it’s imperative that I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m taking my training very seriously because I know it will be no easy feat. I’m similar to Matt in many ways (full time job, family, not a bunch of time for training) so it’s encouraging to know there are people out there doing what I’m looking to do. Thanks again!