• Landon Vance

    Very cool! I just subscribed on iTunes, keep em’ coming.

    • SoleAdventure

      Thanks for check it out, Lance!

  • Awesome Mark! I look forward to following along.

    • SoleAdventure

      Appreciate it, John!

  • Conor

    I’m super stoked! Wise business decision sir.

    • SoleAdventure

      Thank you, Conor. Hope you enjoy!

  • dialedinhunter

    I am STOKED out of my brain for this!!

    • SoleAdventure

      As are we! ;-) Thanks, Josh.

  • Luke K.

    Sweet! Just subscribed through Podcast Republic on my android phone! Looking forward to hearing some reviews and learning some new backpacking info!

    • SoleAdventure

      Appreciate it, Luke! Let us know if you have any specific questions.

  • Awesome, Mark and Steve! Looking forward to it!

  • Matthew Sandys

    Great pod cast. Would love to hear on on base layers. Wool vs synthetic and the kinds of socks that work the best for longer trips in the back county.

  • Rob Wieters

    Big fan of the trekking poles (especially multi-use–tent pole, bino pod, technical terrain assist, etc.) Great podcast! More more more

  • Zach

    Loving the podcast! I’m excited to hear more of them. Love hearing the hunting stories with a good mix of gear reviews and suggestions. Well balanced, keep it up!!

  • John Wiser

    It is so great to get real hunters sharing their successful ways with all of us. I was getting so sick of all the crappy “tree stand, food plot, over bait whitetail hunting crap on TV. It is so refreshing to hear your podcasts. Thank you for keeping it real and inspiring me to strive to do better. Now I think I will go eat a Mint Cliff bar ;o)

  • John Wiser

    Loving these podcasts. Keep me coming please. A great idea would be discussing ways to get meat cooled down fast in the backcountry in the heat. That by itself keeps me from archery hunting elk. I would feel so bad to lose any meat.

    • Charles Albert

      Spoiling meat has always been a worry for me. First, I always hurry too much in getting the elk apart, but I guess I just feel better about it. We’ve primarily found that using the gutless method is the easiest(nothing is easy about it!). Get the quarters and backstrap off, skinned, bagged, and hung(in the shade). My last bull was about 8 foot miles from the car. I was extremely worried about the heat in 2012. We hung a couple quarters in a small drainage where we could feel cooler air coming down. We built a log bed for the others above a small stream where cooler air flowed, and put a camp tarp over to keep the sun off. We hiked out with some gear and backstraps, and I decided to try to find some horses as I knew we were in for at least 2 hikes in and 2 hikes out if we weren’t successful. We were lucky enough to find a “friend for life,” when a perfect stranger whose door knocked on at 7:30 am on a September Sunday morning got us a trailer and put two of his horses in it for us! That’s another story! I was extremely concerned that the meat would be spoiled, but it was in superb shape.
      The only other way I know to be 100% positive to keep the meat from spoiling, is to shoot it the day before it snows!
      Happy Hunting!!

  • Michael

    I’ve listened to of few of the podcasts and they are so full of information I need to go back and take notes. The interviewing is really good, asking the follow-up questions we want to hear.

  • I’ll win. thanks you :)