• Al Quackenbush

    Excellent advice Jerud.

  • aaughenbaugh

    Boy don’t I know it. I’ve chased my tail a few times. But the “new” for me this year is going back and shooting a recurve. It’s taking a lot of focus on form and relearning to shoot and not worring about “hiting the X”. But I’m getting there.

    • Toxophilite

      Word. Seems like a stretch to call most of these things a “bow” anymore…

  • Donnie

    Good article! I’ve been shooting all week with my 40 yard group being a few inches left and low of my aiming point. I realize an adjustment is needed but just wanted to make sure I am consistent on a day to day basis. All I care about right now is shot execution and group size and I’ll work on getting those arrows hitting where I’m aiming soon.

  • dialedinhunter

    SOLID advice here!!

  • Jeromie

    Thanks for writing the article. I was also thinking about switching to a thumb release and I would have started changing my sight for sure. Did you end up going to a three finger or four finger release? And why?

    • SoleAdventure


      Jerud and I both shoot the standard Exxus (review link in the article). I won’t comment for him, but personally, I just love the way the three-finger feels. That’s not unique to the Exxus – all of my handheld releases are three-finger. FYI: The new Exxus Core line does offer swappable 2, 3, and 4-finger handles.


    • Jerud Earnest

      I went with a 3 finger because I had been using a Whalens Hooker 3 finger back tension. For hunting, I would put the hooker on a wrist strap which slightly changed my anchor point alignment (slight left to right variation in shots). It was also a little trickier to let off full draw with the hooker and not end misfiring. Basically I liked the 3 finger release, I just needed one that operated a bit differently. Like everything else, you just have to find what works best for you.

  • I like your bow