• Todd Chambers

    Great advise Mark. Thanks for walking us newbies through the reasoning behind your choices.

  • Patch

    Good read as usual. Elk are where you find them when you find them. Some times more hunters can help push the elk to you.

  • Morgan

    If we come to CO, can you be our official Elk guide? :) Great article!!!

  • Tim

    Hello Mark, You’re right on with muzzle week, I try to go out on the Thursday during that week since most of the Muzzle hunters are ready to leave and are packing up after 5 days. That gets me out there at the start of the next week when things get going.

  • September is a good time to hunt elks. This is nice articles

  • Eric Stephenson

    The truth is you can kill an elk any time during the archery season if you understand the phases of the rut. The biggest problem I’ve had in Colorado is finding inexperienced archery hunters over-calling in the same area I’m hunting. A lot of people are hunting the backcountry because it’s the hot thing, but if they haven’t been hunting for 15 years, they lack the experience and perspective to kill elk consistently. Don’t worry about the timing – you can get it done any time during the season.