• ChrisB

    I can only describe that as a ‘beautiful’ experience. Your appreciation for the animals is incredible. Congratulations to both of you!

  • What an awesome ending. Thanks for sharing your journey Mark. I have a friend that I hunt with just like you and Jerud. It really is about the experience and not about who gets the shot.

  • TheWilltoHunt

    Man what a great story. Couldn’t be more excited for you two!

  • Jerud Earnest

    Mark failed to mention that the night before I broke my usual routine of loading all my carry gear into my backpack. I did strap my trekking poles on my pack that morning, but my routine change left my lanyard of reed calls hanging on a branch at camp. I discovered this once we were up at Sheepsfoot. I knew as soon as I opened my pack something was wrong. My initial thought was I could jog back to camp retrieve them and jog back in about an hour. Mark calmly tells me, “No we’ll be fine with mine. We had bulls all over us yesterday regardless of who was shooter and caller.”

  • Tom Sorenson

    Awesome job, guys. I admire your restraint to not go after another bull before recovering the one. That’s a mistake that would have been easy to make – but could’ve turned that hunt into disaster. Great job!

  • Lance

    That was awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  • Al Quackenbush

    Great story you guy! I have to say, you have a much stronger will than I because I would have prepared to take another elk. So stoked for both of you and Jerud…Congrats brother!

    • Ya, I agree. It was a difficult decision that I too would have been tempted to make. How was your CO trip?

  • Tucker

    That was awesome. Felt my heart beating faster as the bull was getting closer!!!!

  • 365Whitetail

    Oh, yeah! Congrats to both of you. Riveting story, memorable adventure and many delicious meals in the near future. Doesn’t get much better.

  • Doug Graver

    Great work guys! Those memories will be your stories that you an many others will share over the years to come. That is something special!

  • Retired2Hunt

    Great recap of a great hunt – congrats!

  • Tom Ryle

    Great read to start my day! Now to put some sausage in the smoker before heading off to church. Team success is so sweet! Great story and Congrats to you both!