• Doug Graver

    That is some good stuff Mark!

  • Al Quackenbush

    It’s getting good!

  • Jerud Earnest

    I did start cow calling when the bull bugled below us.

  • IAHunter

    “Your killing me, Smalls”. Looking forward to Part 7

  • Drew

    Awesome thread. Waiting for more….

  • nick swan

    I could hear the bugles, great stuff!

  • Aznealz

    Dang guys! A page turner for sure. I know the angst Mark, when you’re excited to relate your hunt, but hear even more pressing news from home. Tough stuff.

  • Tom Ryle

    Ah yes man!! So glad you got in a hive of bulls! What a rush, huh? I once had a raghorn 3×4 come barreling into my lap, busting through blow downs and dead limbs like a freight train. He locked up on a dead run at about 4 yards when he saw me draw. No shot but I was living large in the magical elk woods!

  • Tyler Dominguez

    Can’t wait!

  • ChrisB

    Wow! That must have been SO much fun to be hearing that all around you two. Good luck today!

  • Jarrod Renaud

    Love it dude. Getting into elk like that is a bit life changing haha :)

  • Carol Jim D’Arcy

    your description of this day describes much of my trip to a Montana
    wilderness area last Sept., my first archery elk hunt. Plenty of close
    encounters with bulls and cows but MAN, it really has to come together
    just perfect to get that shot! I learned a ton and experienced all of
    those emotions you describe. Looking forward to my next elk hunt, I’m finding it addictive… Thanks for keepin’ it real Bro!

    • SoleAdventure

      Even with an unfilled tag, you have to consider a hunt with close encounters a “success”. It is such a rush being near elk!