Look, Mom, I’m on TV! (You can watch it here, now, for free…)

You can now watch some footage from my first elk hunt, thanks to Huntography.  I had the great honor of having Rudy from Huntography join me for that hunt as part of his #ELKTOUR project.  The whole film is now available for free online.  There’s over an hour of footage, all of which features “regular” hunters chasing elk on public ground in Colorado.

The whole film is worth watching (really, it is!), but for that have a particular interest in seeing some footage from my hunt, you’ll want to skip to the hour-and-eleven-minute mark.

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  • Chuck Wolf

    Awesome for you Mark. Keep it up and get some more airtime. We will be looking out for it.

  • http://deerlab.com/ DeerLab

    Very cool Mark! That’s pretty special to get your first elk hunt on film like that.

  • Tyler Dominguez

    That was great. I don’t know if your here in Colorado or on your way but shoot straight and I’ll be checking for updates on your hunt. Watch your wind and have an adventure.

  • IAHunter

    Congrats Mark.

  • Jeff Kowell

    Great film…just like being there with you guys!

  • Saminthewoods

    Good job man. those were some good hunts. I really love seeing the high guys get from that first taste of being close on a sneak. Thanks for sharing a awesome video.

  • Jerud Earnest

    Don’t plan on having a bow caddy this year!