• Chuck Wolf

    Awesome for you Mark. Keep it up and get some more airtime. We will be looking out for it.

  • Very cool Mark! That’s pretty special to get your first elk hunt on film like that.

  • Tyler Dominguez

    That was great. I don’t know if your here in Colorado or on your way but shoot straight and I’ll be checking for updates on your hunt. Watch your wind and have an adventure.

  • IAHunter

    Congrats Mark.

  • Jeff Kowell

    Great film…just like being there with you guys!

  • Saminthewoods

    Good job man. those were some good hunts. I really love seeing the high guys get from that first taste of being close on a sneak. Thanks for sharing a awesome video.

  • Jerud Earnest

    Don’t plan on having a bow caddy this year!