1. Andy Hamilton

    While I understanding saving the ounces, are you concerned about getting your sleeping bag wet with the hydration pouch on top and your sleeping bag in the bottom of the bag unprotected? I personally prefer to protect my sleeping bag a little better, but I understand the logic.

    • SoleAdventure

      It’s not about saving ounces, as I do have the waterproof stuff sack with me. When you don’t stuff a sleeping bag in the sack, and let it compress down inside the backpack itself, it fills the voids better and actually takes up less volume in the backpack. I see what you’re saying about the hydration bladder leaking, but I’ve been using Platypus-style bladders for years and have never had one leak. And by leaving the bladder sitting on top of the pack, it isn’t under pressure that could increase the likelihood of a leak. I guess there is some risk involved though…

  2. Rob McConnell

    Hey Mark, I have the asat camo and i dont have the strechy pocket. Its there, but its just not stretchy. Wondering if you have a prototype or if the astat was the only pack with a more durable pocket? I’m not talking about the side pockets but the large main outside pocket.

    • SoleAdventure

      I wonder if they had to use a different fabric for the ASAT version. I’m not sure. Send Steve a message about it.

  3. Tad Dedrick

    Great video. as a side note… If you take your Mountain House meals and store them in gallon freezer bags you can save space. Most freezer bags have a spot to label your meal and you can roll up the bags much more easily.

    • SoleAdventure

      Good tip, Tad. It was probably difficult to see in the video, but I primarily use the “ProPak” meals, which are vacuum packed and as small as could be.

      • Andy Hamilton

        While they are vacuumed tight, they do have a lot of extra packaging. I think that is what Tad may be talking about. I like to repack those also to cut weight and space.

  4. BJY

    I don’t understand why backpack hunters claim they hunt for wild game for its natural food qualities yet stuff their pack with 25 year shelf life preservative loaded food packs (read “…..trate” in contents). Read the ingredients on any Mountain View product. Do you wonder why the cancer rate is so high in this country?

    • SoleAdventure

      I certainly can’t speak for other hunters, but personally I do try and limit my intake of artificial and processed foods. The majority of my diet for a backpack hunt is pretty clean/natural (probars, almond butter, etc.). In the end, I don’t think a handful of Mountain House meals (I assume that’s what you meant when you said, “Mountain View”) per year is going to kill me. It’s what I do the other 350 days of the year that have a much greater impact on my health.

  5. Starving Outdoorsman

    So now that the seasons are pretty much done all over. What are your thoughts on this pack after a bit of use?

  6. Guest

    Thanks for this nice article. I noticed you were using Tenzing CF13 Carbon Fiber Hunting Pack in 2013 and change to Exo Mountain Gear 3500 in 2014. Is there any particular reasons? Would you mind do a comparison between these two bags when you have time? Personally, I really like the idea of setting up the base camp and unloading my heavy backpack into a camelbak. You mentioned you have the same use case in your hunting trip. I can see Tenzing CF13 is excellent for this purpose, but Exo Mountain Gear 3500 looks too big or bulky as a camelbak. Is it true? (I don’t own either bags). Thanks.

    • SoleAdventure

      Some reasons for the switch… The Exo is built better, has a much more functional frame for load hauling, and is MUCH cheaper. I still hunt with the load-in, then “go light” from camp style, and the Exo works great for that. You can see in the image above just how small the Exo compresses down.

      • Guest

        Thanks for the quick reply. After checking w/ Amazon, actually the CF13 drops the price now, but the price of CF13 is still ~$100 more. Another good thing for Exo is lifetime warranty which sounds confident for me. Thanks again.

  7. charles david

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