• stew

    Another awesome post! Thanks for covering this; your blog is quickly becoming my “go to” spot for all things archery related.

    • SoleAdventure

      Thanks for following, Stew!

  • Aaron Josef Kelly

    Thank you for this post! I have a real quick concern about “tailing left” versus “tailing right”. As far as I can conceive, if your fletching is left of the point that would indicate that the pivot point (rest) should be too far to the right, no? So one would want to move it to the left instead of the right as you suggest by “chasing the point”. I have also seen other forums suggest what I have came to through my own preconceptions. Is this wrong and am I missing something? For vertical changes, you are “chasing the vanes” if you move the rest, so why shouldn’t it remain this way for horizontal changes?
    Thanks for your help, I’m confused as I am having a “tailing left” scenario and horizontal changes aren’t doing much (possibly it is the arrow spine), but I want to ensure I am trying the right things.