• As always, very great article and sound advice!

  • TheWilltoHunt

    It was a great hunt but all these points are spot on. I think we could have gotten it done if we had time to get back out there. If we’d set up between that mountain top where we busted them and the line to the private land earlier in the week I think we could have just hung out and watched them come right into us. That or a similar set up over by that water hole where ‘Earnhardt’ showed up. Great article.

    • SoleAdventure

      Thanks, Will! It was a blast to have you there to share it with. So many good memories! (Paw-Paw Chaw!)

      • TheWilltoHunt

        Is that a big wad of chew or just a big tumor?

  • Matt Mitchell

    Mark, you read my mind. A close friend of mine drew a cow tag this year and I was actually going to email you and ask for pointers, this helps alot!

    • SoleAdventure

      Very cool. Congrats to him! Have him reach out if I can help answer anything else.

  • Mike Dwyer

    If you ever make it back Mark I hope you will hit me up. KY is a great state for hunting.

  • Allan K.

    Another great article and you hit the nail on the head. I was glad we chatted last year, when I drew the KY bull tag, and I decided to go with a guide. Sure I could have made it a DIY, but the amount of time I would have needed to make a few extended scouting trips vs a guide was nearly a wash. I wouldn’t change a thing – especially if I’m lucky next time I’m available to enter the KY draw!

    • SoleAdventure

      Congrats again on a great elk, Allan!

  • Jim

    I enjoyed your KY elk hunting story! I am a native Kentuckian and live in Louisville. I have applied for a cow elk archery tag and hope to get drawned. The odds are pretty good…about 1/20. I plan to camp and do a DIY hunt. Can you offer any tips as to where and when to camp and hunt?

    • SoleAdventure

      Hi, Jim. Since you’re a resident, you’re best bet is to make a scouting trip (or two) and see what’s available in the area that you get chosen for. Shoot me an email if you do get drawn and know where you’ll be hunting.

      • JonBoatJim

        Since 2013, those who that have drawn a KY tag list 5 Elk Hunt Units (EHU) in order of their preference. Then a computer draw based on your preferences is done to assign you an area. Do you have any recommendations for 1 or 2 EHUs that you would list as your top choices?

  • Rob

    Great article, Matt! I’m looking for any and all advice on Ky Elk hunting – my 12 year old son drew a cow firearm tag for December of this year. It was our first time ever getting into the lottery, too! Anyway, we’ll be hunting 400 private acres in Vicco, Ky (Knott County). I’m going to take your advice and get some scouting in before our hunt. Anything else anyone can tell me?

  • Ohio Land Man

    ​We have 1500 acres in KY..​ In Elk hunting region.. ​ 825 and 630 acres and some.. that we are selling.. 1500 an acre… and more avail if interested.. Mick ​our lands total ​up to 20,000 acres.. ​much of that will be for sale soon as well ​