Review & Giveaway – The University of Elk Hunting DVD with Corey Jacobsen

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Would you like an opportunity sit down and “pick the brain” of an immensely successful public land elk hunter that has over 25 years of experience, numerous trophy bulls to his name, and is also a 7-time World Elk Calling Champing, as well as the 2013 RMEF Elk Calling Campion of Champions?

That’s exactly what it’s like to sit down and watch The University of Elk Hunting DVD. In this two-disc set, Corey Jacobsen shares how he is consistently successful across decades of “do it yourself” public land elk hunting.

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This DVD set isn’t a sales pitch that makes any bogus promises. Corey isn’t pretentious; despite his impressive track record, there’s no ego. He doesn’t think there is a secret formula for success. In fact, he is quick to say,

“Unfortunately you can watch all of the DVDs you want; you can read of the magazines, and all of the books. You can watch all of the hunting shows you want to. Nothing is going to take the place of ‘in the field’ experience.”

The University of Elk Hunting DVD is all about building your confidence to be more successful. The material covered will help you shorten the learning curve, give you more perspective and understanding while in the field, and help you make more informed and effective hunting decisions.

Components of Success

Preparation & Performance

The first disc addresses Preparation. Topics covered include scouting, physical conditioning, gear, and the use of elk calls.

The second disc focuses on Performance. In this disc you will learn elk hunting knowledge, how to setup on elk, calling tactics, tracking, and what to do after the shot.

Studying Maps and Satellite Imagery

These DVDs provide a high-level, “A to Z” approach to elk hunting.  But at the same time, there’s plenty of “meat” to the content, too. For example, Corey doesn’t just tell you to look at maps as a scouting source – he actually shows you how to use them, what specific things to look for in satellite imagery, and how to read terrain and cover to predict elk behavior.

One of my favorite sections is “The Setup” on Disc 2, where Corey literally draws out common elk hunting “plays” – much like a football coach would with “Xs and Os” for his team. Corey makes it easy to understand how to effectively use the wind, setup with a calling partner, and use an elk’s instincts in your favor.

Elk Hunting Setup Diagram

Despite his impressive competition calling resume, Corey sticks to teaching what works for elk hunters – the necessary calling fundamentals. He takes the time to dissect how a diaphragm call works, where you should place it in your mouth, and how things like tongue pressure and air flow affect calling sounds.  The sections on physical conditioning and what to do after you shoot an elk are equally practical and helpful.

There is over 2 hours of content in The University of Elk Hunting DVD set, and I found every bit of it worthwhile. I purchased this set after my first two elk hunts last year, and I think it is a great addition to what I had already learned in my years of study and planning.

If you’re an elk hunter, or thinking about hunting elk one day, this is a must-buy!


After purchasing this DVD on my own for the purpose of a review, I decided to reach out see if Corey would be willing to give one away to you – the reader.  He was happy to do so, and here’s your chance to win this two-disc set…

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  • ChasingtheHunt

    I totally agree. I got this DVD and it is amazing. It is for both experienced and novice elk hunters alike! Great review Mark.

  • Tom Reymer

    I have a copy too. Would like to learn more about new areas to pick using Google earth. Calling biologist has not proven well for me at all.

  • Patch

    I have set through several of Cory’s seminars, and he does a top notch job. I have often thought about purchasing this set.

  • DeerLab

    The two main sources that I learned from last year was and Corey’s DVD’s. If you don’t have this DVD get it! It was really informative and the wind information was critical to my success. Remembering how they moved with the wind helped me tag a bull elk the first morning in Idaho.