1. Brian Seals

    Dose anyone put their thumb behind their neck with a index finger trigger release? I’ve just seen a few people do this as a anchor and thought about trying it with a new release I got. Thanks.

    • Scott Larimore

      That is exactly what I do and have been doing it for years with great success. It provides a steady point of contact and also helps reduce creep. I lock my thumb just under a bone in my skull just behind my ear. I have also taught my boys to use this method and they like it too. I really helps create a consistent draw point.

      • Brian Seals

        Thanks Scott! Yeah I think I’m going to try this for a while & see how I shoot. I think it’s just a matter of getting comfortable with whatever your use to.

        • Scott Larimore

          I also hold all my fingers (except my trigger finger) straight out and forward. This position makes it much more difficult to jerk with your trigger finger. To see what I mean hold all your fingers straight out and flat, then bend your trigger finger down like your pulling the trigger. It’s much harder to jerk it.

          • Brian Seals

            Scott, yeah I know what you mean. The problem I see with that is your fingers are not ‘relaxed’ when extended straight out, creating more tention. I’m a firm believer of: “Push… Pull… Squeze… & Aim”. The shot execution should be as fluid as possible. Just my thoughts….

    • SoleAdventure

      I’ve seen it done, Brian, but I’ve never tried it myself. When using an index-finger release, I have a bend in my thumb and make contact with my thumb knuckle and corner of my jaw bone. Everyone is different – so do whatever is comfortable and consistent for you.

      • Brian Seals

        Thanks Mark! Yeah that’s what I use to do with my old trigger release. Ended up buying a Spot Hogg Wiseguy & still getting use to it. You know how it is always trying to improve your shooting :-)

  2. Wesley Levy

    Great tips mark! Consistency is one of the things that I strive for when I’m out in the field – knowing what i’m able to do and having a routine to get it done really helps.

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