1. Mike Dwyer

    My concern with going floorless would be the time of year i.e. bugs. I don’t camp much at all during the warmer months but usually use a tent at least once during the September bow season when it’s still pretty hot here in KY and the bugs are still plentiful. I think I would get eaten alive. In the cooler months I would have no problem with this setup.

    • SoleAdventure

      You’re right, Mike. I meant to cover this topic in the Questions & Concerns area. Bugs are obviously a concern with a floorless shelter. I’m in MO, and we also have plenty of bugs in September. It was a non-issue for CO though. There are some very lightweight bug nests that you can add to this setup, which will fully encapsulate your sleeping quarters with a bug-proof mesh.

  2. Great review, Mark. Exceeding expectations is not the norm these days, so that letter and customer service alone was worth the post!

    p.s. Man “spooning” is never allowed in elk camp so I’m glad you were able to avoid this awkward scenario!

    • SoleAdventure

      Yeah, I was thrilled with their CS. The trekking poles in the middle of this shelter prevent spooning, which is another plus. ;-)

  3. Another good one Mark. Now you have me thinking about floors options! A good back pack tent is on my gear list and I was set on a KUIU tent, but this Mountainsmith shelter might be the ticket! thumbs up!

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