• Bill Howard

    Good post Mark. One thing I think should also be discussed is the type of stance: open, straight, or closed. I noticed yours is rather straight. I shoot more of an open stance, with the front foot back about half way, in other words, if you lay an arrow down at the toes of my front foot it lines up with the mid point of my back foot. A way to check what stance is more natural for the individual is to draw the bow with eyes closed and twist the upper torso slightly each way until they feel comfortable. Then look at which way you are aiming and where your feet line up.
    Of course, this is mainly pertaining to shooting targets. In hunting situations it is best to practice and learn how to shoot from different angles, postures, and twists in order to make the shot that may arise.

  • Mike

    Interesting photo. I use a wrist strap release with trigger. I have 1″ – 1 1/2″ less draw length do to the release.