• Mark Kenyon

    Love it! Seems we’re enjoying some similar reading these days Mark!

    • SoleAdventure

      Great minds think alike! And the bitterness of winter makes us long for adventure…right?

      • Mark Kenyon

        So true!

  • I couldn’t agree more Mark. I’ve had a hard time summing up what hunting means to me as it speaks my language and “feeds” me so to speak on so many levels. Looking at it as a pilgrimage really helps. Thanks for sharing.

    • SoleAdventure

      I can relate. There are moments when it all makes sense (in terms of why I love hunting the way that I do), but that clarity quickly burns off like a fog, and I’m back to wondering at some level.

  • Joe Wiese

    Hunting has always been a part of our family but only in the past several years has it taken on a whole different meaning for me. This sums it up for me perfectly. Thanks for sharing

  • aaughenbaugh

    David Peterson is one of my favorite writers and he has written some great stuff about why we hunt and the real reason of the hunt. My favorite quote – “In wild nature, I find spiritual solace and cathartic reaffirmation of
    cosmic sanity that I find nowhere in the made world. To the contrary
    precisely: Nature is the only antidote to civilization.
    And where shall our spirits dwell when wild nature dies?”

    David Petersen

  • Smithhammer

    It’s a great quote, for sure. Our pursuit/passion/whatever you choose to call it, really needs to see more emphasis on the notion of “hunter/naturalist/conservationist” – for how can you truly be the first without being the other two?

    Yet it seems that too many have lost sight of the importance of being a solid naturalist – choosing instead to think that a truckload full of technology from the local big box hunting store will be a substitute. And how can you care about hunting, and not want to conserve those wild places and opportunities for future generations? The fact is that sportsmen (and women) have done far more to truly protect habitat and species in North America, with both dollars and boots on the ground, than many of the so-called “environmental” organizations out there. And we should be proud of that, and wear it one our sleeve.

    Note: Dave’s last name is “Petersen.”