A Holiday Gift Guide (And GIVEAWAY!) for Hunters and Outdoorsmen

Are you shopping for a hunter or outdoorsman in your life? Or are you the outdoorsman that’s wondering what you can put on your Christmas wishlist, to share with friends and family? Either way, I’ve got some great ideas for you.  Here is something for everyone and every budget…

Gifts Around $25 or Less!

The Total Deer Hunter Manual

Books from Field & Stream

Field & Stream is one of the most respected authorities on the outdoors. I’ve had a chance to dig into a couple of their new books from Weldon Owen publishers, and I have been genuinely impressed with the the topics, illustrations, and overall quality of the content.

The Total Deer Hunter Manual : 301 Hunting Skills You Need is a perfect gift for any deer hunter – from the seasoned expert to the first-time hunting rookie.  The skills are broken down in a format that is easy to consume, and even the advanced topics are clearly understood thanks to the supplemental graphics.

The Total Outdoorsman Manual : 374 Skills You Need is a comprehensive resource for hunters, fisherman, hikers, campers, backpackers – anyone that loves the outdoors.  Having this book at your finger tips is like having access to life-long masters of the woods.  You’ll learn about everything from knots, to survival tips, navigation, and more.

Both books are packed with full-color illustrations that make the tips, tricks, and information come to life. The content is easy to digest, practical, and genuinely helpful for outdoors adventures.  If you could take years upon years of the best information from Field & Stream magazine and pack in into a single package, these books would be the result.


You have got a chance to win these books!  I’ve been given the opportunity to share these books with three of my readers.  Enter the contest using the widget below, and I’ll randomly select three of you to receive both books for free.  You have until the end of the day on Wednesday, December 4th, to enter.

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Platypus Water Bottles

Platypus Water Bottles

There when you need them, and out of the way when you don’t – collapsable water bottles/bladders from Platypus are the perfect portable hydration solution for any outdoor adventure. And not only are they convenient, lightweight, and space-saving, they are also incredibly durable.  One of my Platypus bladders is 7-years-old; it has been smashed, folded, kicked, and survived 20-foot falls while full…and it’s still going strong.

Adventure Medical Kits / Survive Outdoors Longer

Adventure Medical Kits (AMK) / Survive Outdoors Longer (SOL)

Regardless what type of outdoor adventure you might enjoy, AMK/SOL has something for you. AMK First Aid Kits range from ultralight and ultra compact pouches that hold only the essentials, to expedition-level kits that a medical professional could use in almost any situation. In addition to first aid kits, AMK offers foot-care products to prevent or soothe blisters, and bug protection products.  SOL products include multi- and survival-tools, fire kits, signaling devices, and emergency shelters.

Safety and survival is always a priority for outdoors pursuits, but often these products are an inconvenient part of our gear kits. AMK and SOL reduce the burden by providing products that are useful, practical, and easy to carry and use.  The AMK Ultralight .7 First Aid Kit is always in my pack, right alongside the SOL Emergency Bivy.

Gifts Around $50 or Less!

GSI Halulite MicroDualist

GSI Outdoors

GSI Outdoors offers anything you could ever want to store, prepare, cook, and consume food in the outdoors. Whether you are car camping with the family or going on an ultralight mountain expedition – they have products that will suit your adventure. My favorite kit is the Halulite Microdualist kit, which is an ideal two-person backpacking solution. It’s amazing that the Microdualist can fit two utensils, two insulated mugs, two bowls, and a small backpacking stove in it’s lightweight pot. Oh, and the stuff sack doubles as a wash basin. Brilliant!

Real Avid Bowsmith

Tools from Real Avid

Bowhunter? Shotgunner? Target shooter? Turkey hunter? Tool lover? Regardless of what you do, Real Avid has a tool to help you. As a bowhunter, two of my favorites are the Bowsmith and the Bow Toolio. I have also used their Revelation and Viscera 3-IN-1 knives; both of which are outstanding!  Check out the whole Real Avid lineup, and I’m sure you’ll find something just for you.

Gifts Around $100 or Less!

Hunting GPS Maps

Hunting GPS Maps

Hunting GPS Maps are absolutely essential for hunting, but I’ve also found them useful for hiking, backpacking, and camping.  Basically, if you enjoy exploring the outdoors in any way, you’ll love these maps. Hunting GPS Maps show public land boundaries, private land boundaries, trails, land owner information, public land types (Forest Service vs. Wilderness vs. BLM, etc.), and more. Hunting GPS Maps can be used on your handheld GPS, through Google Earth on your computer, and even on your smartphone. These resources have been invaluable for planning out-of-state hunts and keeping me informed in the field.

Otterbox Preserver

Otterbox Preserver

I’ve dropped my iPhone out of treestands, submerged it in puddles of mud (by accident), and stepped on it after not realizing I had dropped it while unloading my hunting gear at 2am. My iPhone should have been smashed, broken, or fried a long time ago; but it’s still going strong, thanks to a waterproof, shockproof, dirt- and dust-proof case. I used the LifeProof case for quite a while, and recently began using the Otterbox Preserver. Both cases are great, but I’m enjoying the enhanced sound quality, screen clarity, and overall “feel” of the Otterbox.  I’m 100% convinced that this case has already saved me money by protecting my phone from…me.

The Best of the Best

Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter

Scott Archery Longhorn

Alright, this one is very specific to archers and bowhunters, but it’s one that I can ensure will be a great gift for anyone that shoots a bow.  Many bowhunters have never tried a “back tension” or hinge-style release, but it likely to be the best thing they could ever do for their shooting.  Scott Archery has two great models in the Longhorn series – The Longhorn Hex and The Longhorn Hunter.  These releases are ideal for training, practice, and can even be used for hunting.  For more information about how I use these releases, and what it has done for my shooting, check out this post: Defeating Target Panic – How to Shoot a Hinge or “Back Tension” Release.

Tenzing 2220

Tenzing 2220

The Tenzing 2220 is a a great all-around pack for hunting, hiking, or even just as an everyday bag for around town.  It is offered in Loden Green, Realtree Xtra, and Realtree Max-1.  The 2220 excels, of course, as a hunting pack – which can carry your rifle or bow, and plenty of your other gear.  I love the lightweight suspension, formed back panel and organizational elements inside the front pocket.  In the main compartment there’s a water bladder compartment and plenty of room for extra clothes, food, and other necessities.    On the outside of the pack you have mesh side pockets, daisy chain loops, and smart compression and lashing straps.  I have been using the 2220 for all-day hunts in the deer woods, and it’s been excellent.

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  • Mark Dillow

    Very cool gift guide – I now have some great ideas for my buddies and relatives (and maybe me as well)!

  • Jess DeLo

    Hoping for a new climber UNDER my tree this Christmas morning ahaha

    • SoleAdventure

      Nice! Which one are you after, Jess?

  • Nateysmith

    I am hoping for a upgrade on my spotting scope this year

  • Ben Adams

    Looking to score a new knife and maybe some new camo clothes! I’ve been good Santa, I promise!!!

    • SoleAdventure

      Ha ha! I’m sure Santa knows. ;-)

  • Sarah


  • Lee Strohe

    I am hoping to pay Santa to bring me a XXL Sitka Fanatic jacket.

  • Kevin

    Thanks for another great post. I have the lifeproof case for my iPhone and am not too confident about the the access to the charging ports. Otherwise, it has suited me well since I am not going swimming with my phone.

    • SoleAdventure

      I can relate, Kevin. I have submerged mine a few times and it has held up.

  • The FlyFishing Bowhunter

    …I want that Tenzing Pack……

    • SoleAdventure

      It’s sweet!

  • Tom Reymer

    Interested in trying the release. GPS done this past season.

    • SoleAdventure

      You should give one a shot, Tom. Even if you never hunt with a hinge (and I still haven’t), it’s one of the best things you can do for your shooting.

  • Retired2Hunt

    My wishlist has a Tenzing 2220 pack on it… now to show it to Mrs. Claus!!! Merry Christmas to All!!!

  • Philip Peterson

    Awesome list of stuff. Maybe I could drop a few hints to my wife. LOL

  • Joe Batir

    Very cool stuff. What I’m looking for this Christmas is a new knife. Everyone is talking up the Havalon knives, I wouldn’t mind giving them a try.

    • SoleAdventure

      They are nice, Joe!

  • Anthony Arington

    My wishlist call for a time stoppage to be able to spend more time in the woods and time with wife and kids.

    • SoleAdventure

      Forget gear…that would be a GREAT gift, Anthony!

  • Steven T

    I just have lots of ASAT on my list this year.

  • Jeff DiBlasi

    Great Ideas. While bow hunting the San Juan Wilderness this past September I found an iPhone 5 in an otterbox in the middle of a meadow at 11,400 ft. The battery was dead but I packed it up and brought it back home to Baltimore. Although it had been sitting out in the open for a few weeks It charged right up and I was able to return it to the owner who could not believe his luck.

    • SoleAdventure

      That’s a wild story, Jeff! I bet that guy was absolutely shocked when you contacted him. And good on you for doing the right thing!

  • JRoach

    Hoping for a new turkey vest this Christmas!

  • Phil

    A rangefinder is on my list this year for sure.

  • Brian Bellerson

    Longhorn Release is a must for me this year along with a TightSpot Quiver!

  • http://deerlab.com/ DeerLab

    The Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter should would be nice under the tree.

  • Healthy Hunter

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Nick Demarais

    Hoping for a Tenzing pack or some First Lite gear. Upgrading my elk hunting gear one piece at a time.

  • Daddy Lugz

    Well since i Just sold my bow I guess a new bow is on the wishlist. Elite Archery please