• Mark Dillow

    Very cool gift guide – I now have some great ideas for my buddies and relatives (and maybe me as well)!

  • Jess DeLo

    Hoping for a new climber UNDER my tree this Christmas morning ahaha

    • SoleAdventure

      Nice! Which one are you after, Jess?

  • Nateysmith

    I am hoping for a upgrade on my spotting scope this year

  • Ben Adams

    Looking to score a new knife and maybe some new camo clothes! I’ve been good Santa, I promise!!!

    • SoleAdventure

      Ha ha! I’m sure Santa knows. ;-)

  • Sarah


  • Lee Strohe

    I am hoping to pay Santa to bring me a XXL Sitka Fanatic jacket.

  • Kevin

    Thanks for another great post. I have the lifeproof case for my iPhone and am not too confident about the the access to the charging ports. Otherwise, it has suited me well since I am not going swimming with my phone.

    • SoleAdventure

      I can relate, Kevin. I have submerged mine a few times and it has held up.

  • The FlyFishing Bowhunter

    …I want that Tenzing Pack……

    • SoleAdventure

      It’s sweet!

  • Tom Reymer

    Interested in trying the release. GPS done this past season.

    • SoleAdventure

      You should give one a shot, Tom. Even if you never hunt with a hinge (and I still haven’t), it’s one of the best things you can do for your shooting.

  • Retired2Hunt

    My wishlist has a Tenzing 2220 pack on it… now to show it to Mrs. Claus!!! Merry Christmas to All!!!

  • Philip Peterson

    Awesome list of stuff. Maybe I could drop a few hints to my wife. LOL

  • Joe Batir

    Very cool stuff. What I’m looking for this Christmas is a new knife. Everyone is talking up the Havalon knives, I wouldn’t mind giving them a try.

    • SoleAdventure

      They are nice, Joe!

  • Anthony Arington

    My wishlist call for a time stoppage to be able to spend more time in the woods and time with wife and kids.

    • SoleAdventure

      Forget gear…that would be a GREAT gift, Anthony!

  • Steven T

    I just have lots of ASAT on my list this year.

  • Jeff DiBlasi

    Great Ideas. While bow hunting the San Juan Wilderness this past September I found an iPhone 5 in an otterbox in the middle of a meadow at 11,400 ft. The battery was dead but I packed it up and brought it back home to Baltimore. Although it had been sitting out in the open for a few weeks It charged right up and I was able to return it to the owner who could not believe his luck.

    • SoleAdventure

      That’s a wild story, Jeff! I bet that guy was absolutely shocked when you contacted him. And good on you for doing the right thing!

  • JRoach

    Hoping for a new turkey vest this Christmas!

  • Phil

    A rangefinder is on my list this year for sure.

  • Brian Bellerson

    Longhorn Release is a must for me this year along with a TightSpot Quiver!

  • The Scott Archery Longhorn Hunter should would be nice under the tree.

  • Healthy Hunter

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Nick Demarais

    Hoping for a Tenzing pack or some First Lite gear. Upgrading my elk hunting gear one piece at a time.

  • Daddy Lugz

    Well since i Just sold my bow I guess a new bow is on the wishlist. Elite Archery please