Shootability and Design: The New 2014 Energy by Elite Archery

Elite Archery’s new lineup for 2014 is anchored by the Energy 32 and Energy 35.  I’ve always appreciated that Elite focuses on continuous improvement, and isn’t just out to release an “all new” bow for “newness” sake.  The Energy bows are the culmination of keeping what works well, blending in improvements, and yes – innovating where it’s needed.

The 2014 Elite Energy 35

“We have been making continuous improvements to our cam systems since 2009. This year we improved everything. The riser is better, limbs are more parallel, and the cams are smoother and more efficient,” explained Elite Archery President, Pete Crawford.

Elite’s Energy bows feature an eye-catching riser design, but the riser’s new shape isn’t about looks.  “The Energy’s new riser design increases the bows strength by more than 30% over previous models and makes the riser 19% stiffer. This decreases vibration and hand shock during the shot,” explained Elite Archery lead Design Engineer, Mike Derus.  Elite’s new Riser Cage design is a big part of what makes these bows so strong, tuneable, and resistant to torque and lean.

The Energy Series is available in 32” or 35” axle-to-axle lengths and a forgiving 7” brace height. The Energy 32 has draw lengths ranging from 26” to 30” and draw weights from 40 lbs to 80 lbs while the Energy 35’s draw length ranges from 24.5” to 31” and draw weights of 40 to 80 lbs. Both bows come standard in Realtree® Xtra, Realtree® Max-1, Realtree® AP Snow and Ninja Black and the Energy 35 is available in Elite’s anodized target colors; Red, Black, Lime Green and Elite Blue.  View the complete line of Elite bows…

Why I’m Really Excited!

If you’ve been around Sole Adventure for a while, you know that I’m a huge fan of Elite bows.  The bow that really “pushed me over the edge” was the Elite Pure.  In my review of the Pure – which is my favorite all-around bow – I stated that…

“If there is one criticism I have of [the Pure], it would be that there is a bit of ‘feel’ at release.  I don’t know if I would quite label this as recoil, although I could see how that would be appropriate, but overall the Pure isn’t as dead in the hand upon release as some bows that I have shot.  I think this is simply a matter of the Pure’s size and limb geometry.”

When I started shooting Elite’s 2013 Hunter last year, I immediately thought to myself, “If I could get this more parallel limb geometry, and this shot “feel” (or lack thereof), in a longer axle-to-axle bow (like the Pure), then I would have the perfect bow.”

Well, my wish, my dream, is exactly what Elite has done with the Energy 35.  This bow is a combination of everything great about the Pure, but with a more Hunter-like geometry.  I can’t wait to get mine!

Energy vs. Pure Comparison

“Every year our goal is to provide Elite customers with bows that enhance their shooting experience by focusing on Shootability, not speed,” said Elite Archery Vice President, Garret Armstrong. “We are able to design and develop bows that not only draw easily, but also are highly efficient and accurate. The Energy Series continues to represent the future direction of Elite Archery.”

Elite Archery
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  • Eli Cook

    We just got the Energy 35 in our shop yesterday. Shoots like a DREAM. But I’ll be going with the 32 next year

    • SoleAdventure

      Glad to hear it, Eli. The 32 should be great for guys that prefer a slightly smaller bow, and a little extra speed to boot!

  • Robert Deaton

    I just got an answer at the end of July, and I love my bow. It is the best bow I have ever owed. However I shot the E35 tonight, and words can’t begin to describe the way this bow shoots…smooth just can’t cover it. In fairness I use the speed mods with my answer (to off set my shorter draw length), but even with the way the first hunters and answers I tried the difference is breath taking.

    • SoleAdventure

      The speed mods turn the Answer into a different beast, for sure. My Answer is very smooth, but does load a bit up front. The new Energy cam should be quite similar to the Pure’s draw, but a bit more efficient.


    nice. I got one on order

    • SoleAdventure

      Awesome! Let me know what you think when you get it.

  • Dave_C

    Mark I’ve told you before however I must say it again — your site is fornicatingly awesome .

    Thank you for telling it like it is, and letting your readers live hunting thru you.

    • SoleAdventure

      Ha ha! I know it’s only Monday, Dave, but you’ve already won the “Comment of the Week” award in my book.