• Bill Howard

    That last picture is a great photo. Look forward to reading the rest Mark!

    • SoleAdventure

      Thanks, Bill! Will took that one.

  • Tom Sorenson

    Awesome! So next time you draw this tag I’d be around 90, but I’m game to try it if Will or Jerud don’t make it that long.

    • SoleAdventure

      It’ll be geriatric hunting at it’s finest.

  • Retired2Hunt

    Okay I eagerly await your side of part 2!

  • Sounds like you guys had fun… but then again, how can you not while elk hunting! Good stuff.

    • SoleAdventure

      You’re right, Emily. I think it’s pretty much impossible. Even in the hard moments, it’s still fun.

  • RangersPath

    Well if the both of you don’t leave a guy hanging…sheesh. Worse than an old Saturday morning cliffhanger…can’t wait for part II. Best of luck on filling an elk tag!!!

    • SoleAdventure

      Thanks, RP! Part 2 will be up soon enough. :-)

  • Frenzyoutdoors

    Good stuff, now I have read Your and Will’s story part one. I look forward to part two.

    • SoleAdventure

      Thanks, bud!

  • Allan K.

    Great story – those fields or the woods, wonder where you’re going to focus?

    • SoleAdventure

      In the end, I focused wherever I could find elk. :-) Which ended up being both fields & woods, and more specifically – the transition areas inbetween.

  • Wesley Levy

    Looks like you had a great first day out in kentucky – I honestly didnt think there was much elk country out there (though I’ve only been around louisville). Im looking forward to the rest of this series. I Hope you got one!

    • SoleAdventure

      Thanks, Wesley! Yeah, this part of the state (the SE section) is quite a bit different that the L-ville area. I was surprised, too.

  • The FlyFishing Bowhunter

    I am living through your blog this fall…..I need you to post more of these!! Awesome post and photos. I can’t wait for part 2.

  • Great write up! I’d love the chance to hunt Kentucky or any eastern elk state for that matter. I had to laugh about the fears of our wives surrounding these “meet for the first time in hunting camp” scenarios. They just don’t understand the fraternal bond that connects ethical hunters. It’s odd and comforting at the same time, but with some people you just know they are good souls. I met my turkey hunting partner on-line and you can only imagine my wife’s hesitation when told her I was taking our then 8 year old daughter to meet up with a bunch of strangers 6 hours across the state! Granted, I did tell my daughter upon arrival, “If I tell you to get back in the truck, don’t ask any questions, just do it – ok?” Well, so much for that – it was like instant family and has been since!