• Rob McConnell

    Outstanding! Give yourself an enormous amount of credit here. 99% of people today simply don’t live the way we do. But you set a goal, and took daily steps to achieve it! Not sure how old you are, but it took me a long time to figure that out. Keep it up, and you’ll find yourself happy in life and excited to achieve more.

    If he can see you, I have no doubt that your grandpa is very proud. Good for you! Keep it up!

    • SoleAdventure

      Thanks, Rob. One of the reasons that I considered this trip a success was the fact that I set a goal and worked faithfully towards it.

  • Jeff Kowell

    Great adventure and the telling of it! You guys did great. Just dropping yourselves down in unknown terrain and “getting busy” is quite an accomplishment. I hope you decide to come to Colorado again. (the original offer for antelope cacciatore still stands). ;-)

    Good luck in kentucky!

    • SoleAdventure

      Thanks, Jeff. I’ll definitely be back, and if I’m through your area you’ll need to have that extra place setting. ;-)

  • Wolverine

    Mark… you express your story well. The interjection about your grandfather was awesome. With so much stuff out there on the net, most hype and of little substance… i find your entries very enjoyable to read. I too am a newbie elk bowhunter (3 years) and can absolutely say going from rifle to archery elk hunting has turned my life upside down in every good, imaginable and consuming way possible. Elk hunting with a bow win, lose or draw is a life experience to be shared and you do it well!

  • Great ending, Mark. I didn’t see that one coming and I feel it caps the true meaning of all this stuff we do in the outdoors. It’s about quality time with friends/family, the memories, reflection, and the all the personal aspects unique to the only person that matters – you.

    We all revel in the enjoyment and anticipation of our hunting trips but then again, you now know that giddy smile you get on the way home to see your family. I enjoyed following the highs and lows of your first mountain elk hunt. Kentucky should be a neat hunt too!

  • Jess DeLo

    Finally caught up on your elk adventure. Fantastic story and great job describing the wooded abyss you clambered your way through. The photos are a great depiction and beautiful. I can feel the reverence you had for your grandfather during your trip and the last photos of your unused arrows in the quiver with your mantra “Live the Moment” make a great conclusion to a SUCCESSFUL hunt in many eyes I’m sure!

  • Aaron Farley

    Excellent series! I was so pumped for you and this trip, I’m glad it was so memorable. Some great stories to tell of an adventure that slips by most. Congrats Mark.

  • Al Quackenbush

    Another outstanding story of your adventure. I could almost feel the dense brush and agony of trying so hard to catch up to that cow. Way to stick with it and work hard. Loved the Grandpa part, too. Like Tom, I didn’t see that coming at all. He would be proud for sure. Good luck in Kentucky!

  • Wesley Levy

    Looks like you had a great time – dont feel bad about coming home empty handed. Colorado is a hard state to hunt in, and like you mentioned in the article, the terrain and the distance to an animal usually are two very different things.
    I hope that you have better luck in kentucky!

  • Tom Sorenson

    It’s been a thrill following along on your adventure. May your passion for elk only continue to grow and someday I hope to meet you on the mountain.

  • Njdoxie

    I enjoyed the article, please pen an article about what you will change on your next CO trip. I always immediately write down what needs to change for the next trip.

  • Matt Anthony

    As a Coloradan who’s starting his own journey to hunt elk in our great playground in the mountains, I enjoyed your chronicles here. The weather here has a habit of sneaking up on folks, esp in the mountains. I’m a rifle hunter, but hoping our paths cross some day.

  • John Terry

    You guy’s did just fine for the first time, that’s exactly that. The first time is the kinda the crucible and a lot of hunters do not get their tags filled. Try again, you know its worth it. On my first hunt with some real seasoned elk hunters we saw nothing for 3 days, so the saying was we need to drive back to town to sportsman’s wrhs to see what one looked like. Tom R say’s it right, live life. Happy hunting.