• Rob McConnell

    Took my gf hunting this weekend, it was her first ever trip. I bought her some “merino wool blend” base layers. I was amazed when we got to the top of the 2600 ft climb that she had a cotton shirt on underneath… sigh. Once she removed the soaking wet cotton, she said.. “Oh wow… Now i’m warm”. And me with my Llano QZ. You know i was comfy..all three days, same shirt!

  • I see an elk hunter emerging…one day at a time!

    One of the most important things you can do the moment you commit to setting up on a bull is get to a place you can shoot. In this case the bull never showed but if he did and there were only a couple small windows to shoot through, your odds of getting a good shot opportunity drop significantly. I have learned (and re-learned!) this lesson over the years. I’ve found that once a bull is inside say, 100-125 yards, and you move up very quickly during or immediately following the bulls bugle, you achieve two key advantages: 1. You close that final often critical “gap” of 10-30 yards and, 2. you are able to fine tune your set up so you can kill that bull when he comes into view. Bulls have an uncanny ability to pinpoint – with laser precision – the caller’s location so you need to ensure you are positioned well between the bulls approach and your caller. This is a key advantage of a two-person set up.

    • SoleAdventure

      I hear ‘ya, Tom. It’s difficult, as a new elk hunter, to assess some of those situations in the moment, and to judge how far a bugle may even be. As far as the shot windows…I moved around to get in the best position I could, but the area was just that thick!

  • Tom G

    I noticed your companion was wearing Kuiu gear in the pictures. Do you have any feed back from him on the gear or anything you might have noticed about the gear? I am considering it for my gear on a trip I am planning to CO for my first elk hunt next year. Your site is some serious motivation for me in my early stages of planning.

    • SoleAdventure

      KUIU is certainly good stuff. The guy in the photos is Rudy from Huntography. You can check out his site at huntography.com, and I believe he might have a KUIU review on his blog. Thanks!