• Great send off post, Mark. I’m pulling for you and hope your experience in the high country is everything you’ve planned for, and then some. Colorado mountains like to dish up changing weather on a dime but you’ve done your research and have acquired quality gear. Success on mountain hunts is much more than meat and antlers; it’s about planning and executing a safe, enjoyable adventure and the moments that make memories to last a lifetime. Good Luck!

    • SoleAdventure

      Thank you, Tom! It’s been exceptionally wet out there, thus far; I’m hoping it’s not as soggy for my hunt. I honestly can’t wait to be out there…

  • Bill Howard

    Wishing all the best for you Mark! Can’t wait to read about it when you get back. Remember, whether you get a beast or not, it will be a success. The dream of actually getting to go on the hunt, learning from your experience-both good and bad-are the keys. The hero shot at the end is just icing. I’ve been on successful ones (alligator and bison) and not so successful (mountain lion) as far as getting the trophy, but to this day I still say the mountain lion hunt is the one I relive the most and look back with the best memories. Not talking you down at all in case of disappointment mind you, because the alligator and bison meat were really outstanding! :) Shoot straight and ethical and be safe my friend!

    • SoleAdventure

      You’re right, Bill – one thing I know for sure is that I’ll learn a LOT. Bison is on my bucket-list; I’ll have to ping you for more details about that hunt!

  • Datrip

    I admire your non-defeatist attitude Mark as you finalize your prep time for your hunt. No doubt you will carry it with you when you leave in a few short days. Thank you for posting about your preparation, I have felt all along that I was standing/sitting in your shadow each step of the way. I have created a file folder with all your posts so I can have a resource to guide me along for the day this NC boy can make it out west one day to hunt elk. I look forward to your stories of each day’s adventures. Lastly, as a minister, please know that you will be in my prayers in your travels, the time of hunting, and your return home.

    • SoleAdventure

      Ditrip, thank you for the note of encouragement, and for your continued prayers. I hope you can make your elk hunt happen one day soon!

  • Allan K.

    Best of luck to you Mark. Stay safe and remember you have a Kentucky Cow tag to fill when you’re finished in the mountains!