• Jeff Kowell

    Thanks Mark! Another good hunting show, without the nonsense, is “The Western Hunter”.

    • SoleAdventure

      That is a great show, Jeff! I’m also a fan of Meat Eater and On Your Own Adventures (now called “Fresh Tracks”).

  • Leon

    Looks like a great movie. Unfortunately, it is coming to Utah on the last day of a planned 4 day hunting trip. I guess I’ll have to get serious and tag out early this year. I also like the shows that you guys have mentioned. Another couple of good ones that are new this year are Ridge Reaper by Under Armour and Uncommon Ground. Steven Rinella and Randy Newberg are class guys that do a great job. I would love to go on a hunt with Steven and have him cook something for me at the end of it. In fact, he makes eating the heart of the animal look so good. I’ve also been thinking about doing the gutless method this year, but because of Steven I might just have to go in for the heart and the liver.

    • SoleAdventure

      Best of luck on that hunt, Leon! You’ll have an opportunity to catch the film after the tour – they’re just not sure on the exact date it will be released, and what type of release it’s going to be. Uncommon Ground should be a great show – I’ve enjoyed the DVDs from that crew. I haven’t seen the new UA show, but I’ve heard some good things from buddies that got an advanced look at the show and met the crew.

      Hunting with Steve would be a dream come true!

  • Jim Whitford

    Why is it that Washing state is excluded in this schedule? You do know we have elk way out here in the pacific north west don’t you? Seattle/Tacoma and the Puget Sound area would love to have these types of films come thru here.