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    Is there anything better than merino wool?!?! (rhetorical)

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    Another Great informational article as you build up for the Elk trip Mark

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    I’ve been very impressed with the First Lite clothing that I have. Besides being comfortable in a wide range of temps, the thing I really like is the lack of odor after being in the back country for a few days. I used to pack an extra set of clothes with me, which just meant more weight. The longest I’ve been out at a single time is 5 days, and it was nice only having to take the one set.

  • Jess DeLo

    Legitimately excited reading and following the prep for your elk hunt! Can’t wait to read more!

  • Mike Silva

    How does the First Lite gear compare with Kuiu?

    • SoleAdventure

      I can’t speak for everything in the KUIU lineup. I have worn KUIU merino extensively, and I prefer First Lite for sure. The KUIU stuff wasn’t long enough for me, didn’t hold up as well, and didn’t have little touches (like thumb loops). I also think that the articulated fit/cut of the First Lite merino is much better than KUIU. When it comes to other items, say comparing the FL Uncompahgre Puffy to the KUIU insulation pieces, you’ll find that the FL is cut with a bit more room to move. Obviously, there are a lot of differences is materials too – FL is going to use Cocona insulation, whereas KUIU is using treated down. Does that help?

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        Got it, thanks!

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    I love First Lite, and especially their ASAT line of merino.

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    Great post! After watching this even my wife was questioning my Scentlok gear

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    Great write up/review, Mark! That will sure come in handy on your elk hunt!

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    I’ve heard nothing but great things about First Lite clothing line. I’m looking to add their products to my current layering system.

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    Really looking forward to your continued evaluations of these products. I have been following along with great interest your preparations for your Elk hunt as I am also preparing to go on my first in 2014.

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    I just invested in some First Lite merino wool for this season as well. Can’t wait to try it out. I really like the ASAT camo too.

    • SoleAdventure

      Aaron, I did grab the beanie and gaiter, both of which look great. I’ve actually been using a gaiter for quite some time, and I love the versatility of their use (insulation, concealment, a general “cloth”, etc.)…now to have one in merino will be great. I’m going to pick up the lightweight gloves; I handled them at the ATA show and they seemed ideal for bowhunting.

      • Aaron Avestruz

        I just pulled the trigger on a beanie and balaclava myself. Thinking about the gloves as well.

        How quiet is the Uncompahgre? I see it as ideal for glassing and/or around camp on a backcountry hunt, but maybe too loud for bowhunting whitetails on a calm morning without a softshell over it.

        • SoleAdventure

          The Uncompahgre isn’t silent, but I think it should be fine for all but the absolute, dead-quiet moments. I used a similar puffy for whitetail last year, and I was fine. As you mentioned, putting something on top of it can help, but a jacket isn’t necessary – I’ve just used a larger-sized shirt in the past. We’ll see…I’ll definitely be wearing the Uncompahgre on some chilly whitetail hunts this year.

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    Entering this for Dustin. He is tall and lean like you, with a long waist. It is hard to find baselayers that are a good fit. Perhaps we will win and he can give First Lite a try!

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    I’m new to hunting and I’m surprised that none of the gear you selected seems to be camo especially as a bow hunter. Am I missing something? Either way, thanks for setting this up. Very cool contest.

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    What if merino wool protected you from ticks!

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    The Kanabs are the goods. Highly recommended.

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    I have just recently bought first lite merino wool asat camo springer vest, labrador, hooded Chama and brimmed beannie. The only piece I am missing is the llano. I can’t wait to use it and put it hem through the ultimate test for my Colorado archery hunt.

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    How does FL stuff hold up as far as life span?

    • SoleAdventure

      Jeff, it would obviously be hard to put a “number” on the life span of clothing like this. So many hunters will be using it in different conditions, terrains, and with varying levels of abuse. My merino has always held up great – I don’t go out of my way to “baby” it, but I also don’t thrash it either. Use some common sense and these items should last you many years.

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      The winner is Ron C. He has been contacted, and I am going to announce it on Facebook/Twitter shortly. Thanks for your participation, John!

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    So, I’ve done the research on First Lite and their clothing, and the quality and benefits of their merino wool seem well worth the price they are asking (which in my opinion, isn’t too bad). HOWEVER! I’m really cautious about the fit. I’m 6’2″ and 200 pounds (taller in boots). Usually I go with clothing makers that market a Large-Tall size, since X-Large is almost always too baggy. With regards to sizing, did you go with Large or X-Large? Do the pants come un-hemmed? I live out here in Utah, and I haven’t been able to find anyone that sells First Lite so I can try it on. Thanks man,


    P.S. I did 5 days in the High Uintas this year with a bull and a cow tag. I saw over thirty elk, but couldn’t get what I feel was a responsible shot on any of them. It hurts to come back empty handed after exerting so much effort, even to the point of sheer exhaustion. But the disease causes a person to, the very next day, begin planning for next year. Good luck in the future…

    • SoleAdventure

      Great question(s), Joe. I am 6’3″ and about 200lbs as well, and everything you see in the videos is a size Large. Like you, a Large-Tall usually fits great, and sometimes an XL is just too baggy. The Large in the First Lite gear is great overall. The waist is a bit big (I’m a 34″), but the suspenders keep them up great. The pants aren’t un-hemmed, but they are long enough for me – which is rare.

      Tough break on this year’s hunt, but you should be proud that you didn’t take a shot you weren’t comfortable with and try to “force” something to happen. Good luck to you as well. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Steve H.

    So did you still like FirstLite gear at the end of the season? Would you buy it all again if you had the option, or would you choose another company? If so, which one? Thanks!

  • charlie

    Sir I noticed that you are 6’3″. How do you think the camo would work on someone 6’6″ with a 36″ inseam?

    • SoleAdventure

      It won’t be ideal for a 36″ inseam, but very little in the performance hunting market will. There just isn’t enough demand for these companies to cater to that sizing. I think you can probably “get by” though. Here’s a more recent shot that shows the length of the Kanabs on me: http://images.soleadventure.com/2014-co-elk/DSC05118.JPG