• Al Quackenbush

    Excellent advice, Mark. I haven’t done any extensive testing with my stabilizers, but I will agree that a 4″ stabilizer does nothing for me as far as stabilization. My TightSpot quiver helps me a great deal. I am thinking of looking into a longer stabilizer now and appreciate the guidance.

  • Tucker

    Randy Ulmer had the same piece of information on a little segment on a show I was watching yesterday, but he took his off. He goes so far as to even take off his hand guard and stabilizer for the backcountry. Great info.

  • Cordini

    Good read….. I use an offset stabilizer by Doinker to balance the quiver and arrow weight. I actually pulled some parts from another stabilizer to put some more length out front. One thing that should be mentioned is that your groups will vary if you set your tune and sight up with or without the stabilizer…… I tune with the stab on. Everything is set up with the hunt in mind.

  • John Heintzelman

    A helpful little tip for your stabilizer and other accessories attached to your bow. Get some blue Loctite thread “ahesive” and apply it to the threads of the stabilizer and the screws that attach your sights, quiver, arrow rest etc. to your bow. You will be doing a lot more walking than you probably do in Missouri, and it is amazing how quickly the vibrations from carrying your bow for miles and miles will loosen those screws. I have found others guys stabilizers/vibration dampeners on the trails in my hunting area.

    • SoleAdventure

      Good tip, John. Thanks!

  • brad

    I was going to get a limb saver s coil stabilizer but after reading your review, and trying one of the limb saver elite hunter stabilizers I am going to go with that. Thanks for the information

    • SoleAdventure

      You bet. Good luck, Brad!

  • Chris Meadows

    I purchased a Hoyt Carbon Spyder to replace my Mathews Chill. It felt amazing in the store but ended up being more problematic to shoot consistently or as accurately. I eventually ended up with a 10 inch bee stinger stabilizer after trying a lot of different little things. I learned that too light of a bow was nice to pack in Eastern Oregon but was less accurate for me.