• Ben Adams

    That’d be a good kit for any kind of larger game hunting! Might throw in some of those unscented had wipes as well!

    • SoleAdventure

      That’s a great point, Ben! In fact, I had some scent-free wipes in my kit at one point, but I eliminated them to avoid duplication. (I already carry them elsewhere for backpacking trips.)

  • Al Quackenbush

    Thanks for sharing this, Mark. I usually just keep everything in a side pouch on my pack, but a nice, convenient bag like that is great.

  • Aznealz

    Yep. And storing it all in one convenient stuff sack is smart. I usually have things stashed all over my pack. Thanks.

  • TradRag Bryan

    Nice! Thanks Mark!

  • John Heintzelman

    Another item you might want to consider is a saw. You might shoot a raghorn or decent satellite bull that is may not justify a head mount, but you still want that rack to hang on the wall for memory sake. A pair of horns with just the skull cap is a lot lighter and easier to carry out.