• Eli

    Mark, I was wondering if you posted an article on how to train for elevation? I read this article and followed up by reading several other online article about what altitude sickness is and how to treat it and how to prevent it (ie. medications, hydrate) but I was not able to find any info on how to train for it. In the last paragraph of your article you state a ‘how to train for elevation’ will follow, I am not asking you to write this if it does not exist, just wondered if you did write an article and I was just not able to find it in your archives. Also, I was wondering if there even is a way to train for it either than acclimation, good physical fitness and hydration?
    regardless, good information and definitely something good to know.

    • SoleAdventure

      Hey Eli. I didn’t get around to posted the follow-up to this article; somehow it just slipped through the cracks/schedule of everything else I was trying to cover. I’ll try to tackle it this year, as I’m preparing to head back to CO. Acclimiation, fitness, and hydration are key, but there are some training methods to consider. The most proven method is to use something like Hypoxico (http://www.hypoxico.com/), but that isn’t very practical for an Average Joe, like me. You’ll hear some folks talk about the airflow restrictive training masks, but there’s some conflicting info there.

      I focused on having a good cardiovascular foundation and endurance, as well as hydrating and eating well before and during the trip, and I felt fantastic the whole time!