• Arin Cluber

    I personally have had experience with becoming a Pro and Field Staff member very early after heavily and very passionately getting into Archery. My little tip for honest, passionate archers that want to become a Pro or Field Staffer as quickly as possible is to consistently research and follow all ends of the archery industry (new and astablished companies, dealers, products, stories of professionals, etc… etc…) especially the ones that are new and are looking for all different levels of Archers to promote their company and/or product(s). I am a strong believer in only pro or field staffing for a company or product that you ‘truly’ believe in, as said above, or you will not be fulfilling the commitment you submitted yourself to. By not doing this in a proper manner, it will only damage your reputation in the Archery Industry instead of building a reputable one that is very crucial to have if you want to climb your way up this exciting (yet time and money consuming) latter.
    *I hope this little tip will be of help to you! I wish each and everyone of you only the very best in your adventures in the wonderful world of Archery!!
    Most Sincerely With Best Regards,
    Arin Cluber

    • SoleAdventure

      That’s good advice, Arin. Thanks for sharing!

  • Al Quackenbush

    Some of the best advice I have read, Mark. I am going to share this post so others can understand what it really means to be on a Pro Staff. Promotional indeed! I am one who like you, must believe in the product in order to represent it. There are plenty of companies willing to throw you product just to be their ‘marketing team’ and have you do the work. Then there are the companies that I like working with that want to see you work first and then put you on their staff and may offer you something. Cheers for a great post!

    • SoleAdventure

      Thanks, Al! I know that you’re one of the guys that “get it”.

  • Ben Gustafson

    Great post Mark!

    My advice would be to work your butt off, have a passion, work your rear off, establish a network/audience in your medium, work your tail off, don’t expect things to be given to you, work your back side off, promote, promote, promote, help others without expecting things in return, and finally work your A$$ off.

    • SoleAdventure

      That’s solid advice, Ben! ;-)

  • Alain Cluber

    Like my wife Arin said it very well below, First of all you need to have the passion, the drive and be ready to give a lot of your time ! We are a team of French/American Archers of all different experience levels based out of France. The “ArcheryHolic Team France” that was originally ceated in Texas, where I use to own an Archery Shop and also promoted my shop in France. Now, the team promotes 2 Americans and 1 German company by creating and maintaining Facebook pages in french for them, having booths at tournaments, doing videos/written reviews, sharing our experiences with these different companys’ products, technical advice to the consumer, etc… We also give feedbacks and new product ideas to those companies.This is a small part of the iceberg. .. so if you would like to get involved in this wonderful side of the archery world, you will have to be dedicated but in return, you will meet some awesome people and create solid relationships with those companies. One of my advices is to not create conflict of interest, do not take anything for granted and only do it because you truly believe in it! You will be representing and being one of the faces of a company so your public attitude and image is really important to them. Also, be very careful with your words and actions to not criticize other companies and products as this will effect your reputation and credibility…
    Cheers and shoot staight!

  • PushingWildLimits

    Great and honest points Mark, you are spot on. I totally agree with the ego part as well.

    • SoleAdventure

      Thanks, J!

  • 3.6.5 Whitetail

    Awesome post, Mark. Not only is this a great read, but you are a true representation of what it means to being a viable pro staff member. Your dedication and passion are a great example and validate all the points you have made in this post. Stay the course!

    • SoleAdventure

      I really appreciate that, Randy!

  • Starving Outdoorsman

    I have done the “PROmote what you have never used before”. It turned out to be a good product and probably one of the best. But I never knew that originally and then they also let what seems like anyone and their dog on board. It was not the experience I thought it was but changed my point of view to pretty much what I just read in this article. I now do some other things with bigger companies that I do truly believe in and have used and it is much more satisfying. Don’t do it just to do it. Do it because you want to. I have never received anything for free either. Great article. I did send an email to G5 the other day asking if they offer deals to people in the industry that do my type of thing (blog, photography, some prostaff/testing) and many will not look at you unless you have your own TV show or are starting. I asked them because I want to shoot their bows and use their product, not because I want any old position available.

    • SoleAdventure

      That is some great perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jadarius

    I love to become a pro staff for elite I love elite and I love to hunt and stuff